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  1. Ruggles83


    My friend at University threw a controller at the TV after losing on online FIFA. That rage is real!
  2. Ruggles83

    Xbox one x owners

    I have noticed a improvement overall, FPS and loading times. I've crashed twice since the crash patch and it loads me back in in about 40 seconds. I'd recommend one.
  3. Ruggles83

    Xbox one x owners

  4. Ruggles83


    I think my biggest rage recently is when I'm in a CQC situation and I'm taken out by a bush sniper. Happened last night. Console off. Haha.
  5. Ruggles83


    All the time!
  6. Ruggles83


    I have never played a game that has given me so much pleasure but at the same time so much rage! [OK maybe FIFA]. I've already broken one set of headphones and have to be really careful not to throw my elite at the screen. My neighbours must think I'm a nutter screaming out every 25 mins or so. I hope I'm not the only one 😂
  7. Hi Mods, Any advice? I've turned on email notifications on the news and announcement pages but the PTS patch notes didn't come through? Not going to junk as I've looked and got an email message about the August 2 weekly post? Thanks.
  8. No PTS server testing for me then, I'm not adapting to a bug that major. I could forgive the speed scroll issue but movement sensitivity after ADS? Nahhh. I'm dumbfounded that it wasn't picked up before pushing onto the PTS? Surely they play it before hand?
  9. Ruggles83

    What's your win streak?

    Thanks man. It will come. Close today! 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th consecutively 😂
  10. Ruggles83

    What's your win streak?

    As we speak I’ve just gone chicken dinner then 2nd! Ha ha
  11. Ruggles83

    What's your win streak?

    1 ha ha ha I’ve been close to consecutive wins but not yet. Props to you getting 4 in a row! All the same map or different?
  12. Ruggles83

    Can I get some fries with my salt?

    I wouldn't bother mate. There are some elitist PUBG snobs out there that can't see beyond their own play style and enjoy posting weak insults on these forums. Each to their salty own.
  13. Ruggles83

    Mods removed bug reports

  14. Ruggles83

    No PTS Notes/details for this weekend?

    Feels like a Saturday starter this one. Whats the predictions for the PTS? I reakon dynamic weather and skins.