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  1. The last video is lag for sure. Not sure what I'm meant to be looking at in the other two. Can you explain what you think happened?
  2. Ruggles83

    Long Snipes

    It feels like the free pass weekend again for some reason.
  3. Ruggles83

    Long Snipes

    All these "bots" coincidently are dressed in white t-shirts and jeans. Just experiencing a lot of noobs.
  4. Vikendi is looking amazing. Thoughts? Am I being optimistic it's out tomorrow with the PS4 launch? BUT if they get it and we don't it might be that straw...
  5. Ruggles83

    I did it! Finally

    pubglookup.com my friend. Great stats site.
  6. Ok so this might not be a big deal for some of you big K/D's out there but I finally made it to over 2.0 K/D. I've been playing this for a year now and started at something like 0.70 and ground my way up. This season has been my best for Dinner's as well. Merry Bloody Christmas!
  7. Ruggles83

    I knew this would happen!

    Good shooting Tex!
  8. Where do I report the on here? Currently watching three twats teaming on solo on Sanhok. What a bunch of losers! the report button at the end dose t seem to work? Thanks.
  9. Ruggles83


    Can. Of. Worms.
  10. Ruggles83

    Tips to improve aiming

    I am enlightened, OP has changed my life! Thank you so much for this invaluable insight PUGB God!
  11. Ruggles83

    Most CD’s in one day?

    I've tried, playing with randoms really ticks me off. No one on mic or being team killed made me go it alone.
  12. Great attention to detail. OP played a few games and got to a level to get the jacket, lucky him!