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  1. Ruggles83

    Can't find macth on PTS

    I haven’t got a game on the EU PTS since it’s been announced. Has annyone? NA servers are slow to fill. Maybe no ones playing!?
  2. Ruggles83

    PTS drift

    Looks like the requests for higher sensitivity has been heard but I bet it's going to take a while to re-adjust.
  3. Wow. Incoherent drivel. Great post, thanks for that.
  4. Ruggles83

    PTS drift

    Haven't they changed the sensitivity for 10 to 20? So might need to adjust the deadzone?
  5. Ruggles83

    Elite Controller setups?

    Exactly the same set up. Works a treat!
  6. Ruggles83

    Massive FPS drops with hotfix?

    Yeah, this feels like a step backwards for the FPS. Everything looks horrible. What do we expect!? One step forward 20 back.
  7. Ruggles83

    Worst Way to Lose a Dinner 1v1

    I think I have you beat. I got down to the final 2 on Erangel last night, the circle was on the edge of the cliffs and I had a good spot behind rocks, tree and a small depression. I saw the guy! He has to cross ope fields to get to the circle. Sweet. Bide my time he pops up and I tag him, he now know's where I am so flanks me on the left side of the cliff. I go to meet him head on and wait? What? The rock I was stood on turns out to have a sheer drop off just in front. Fell to my death. Easy dinner for him. *SIGH*
  8. Ruggles83

    Despite criticisms

    I'm still having a blast on this game 9 months in. I have seen a parked improvement in my stats this season as well, I think it's as the game improves. Still some issues for me but they've been discussed to death.
  9. Ruggles83

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    Drop any of the Military camps and the UAZ is usually about.
  10. I’ve revived 5-6 teammates in squads and they are not showing in the daily or weekly missions? Anyone else?
  11. Bronze has always looked good on me 😂
  12. Ruggles83

    Too many queues

    EU between 6am -8am is pretty bad. 38 on Miramar this morning.
  13. Bug Description: On War Mode this morning the count down timer to return to the lobby after the match is finished was on 600 seconds. Location: War Mode Mirimar Evidence: See Photos Replication: Haven't played again to see. Xbox One Version: Xbox One X Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP War Mode
  14. Ruggles83

    Too many queues

    This morning was terrible for this [War Mode adding to the woe's] but even before that the queuing in the mornings on EU was trash. I got into some games after 5 mins but only with 40 odd people. I think it's not a bad idea to get rid of map selection, if you don't like the map either quit or lump it? I like all maps for different reasons.