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  1. Even on weekends at peak EU times, finding a squad game proves v difficult and usually contains around 40 players only. Throughout the week I've waited up to 30 mins and found nothing.
  2. Finding populated EU FPP squad/solo games is proving fairly straightforward and quick, so could we see the return of duos please?
  3. Valerio

    Ghillie Suit Sale $9.99

    Buying a ghillie suit would make pubg pay to win, effectively. The whole point in pubg clothing is that it's essentially aesthetic only
  4. Yeah that's the problem. The pool of EU players on FPP grows ever-smaller as more and more migrate to NA servers because we can't find games. It's frustrating.
  5. That's ridiculous man, you're so far around that free. Much clearer footage than in 1st person as well. Thanks for posting.
  6. Same here. I agree, they need to implement some strategies for increasing the players in EU servers, because more and more are leaving.
  7. "It does not always ruin everyone's experience." Is that statement seriously supposed to serve as a defence for pubg and lag? 😂
  8. proudly wearing that tryhard banner aren't you. Regardless of that pedantic correction, my point remains: the pubg experience is tangibly made worse for EU players on NA servers, just as it would be if NA players were on EU servers (yes because of lag which affects basically all aspects of gameplay.)
  9. Not solely, but it definitely contributes. These videos not being indicative of everyone's experience hardly undermines my point. The reason they have different servers for different regions is that it makes the game fairly consistent among all the players in each game. Having EU and NA players in one-game worsens everyone's experience in tangible ways, especially bullet registration.
  10. Regular occurrence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-valerio-i/video/59174577 OK maybe it helped this time:https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-valerio-i/video/59210364
  11. Valerio

    EU FPP matchmaking issues

    I've waited far longer than 2 minutes unfortunately.
  12. Valerio

    EU FPP matchmaking issues

    Recent evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/i-valerio-i/video/59174577
  13. Valerio

    EU FPP matchmaking issues

    Yeah I don't like TPP either for the same reasons. I've found the same thing with NA servers. I guess the new map won't dilute the player pool any further because we probably won't be given an option to select which map