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  1. XBOX 50v50 would be awesome

    I agree. it'd also be pretty enjoyable going around looting and randomly coming across team-mates in other squads and following them in a convoy, or going in their vehicle
  2. I agree and I'd be happy with your solution of slowing down the speed at which the circle changes to a smaller version. I guess I was suggesting that blue-wave moving slower as an alternative solution which I'd personally prefer.
  3. XBOX 50v50 would be awesome

    teamwork at large would be impossible for sure. but you could still have your four-man team and be working towards a greater goal. could be pretty fun.
  4. the guy above said they have, but I haven't found any evidence of this so far (but i haven't really checked in any detail.)
  5. Slow down the last few circles.

    The issue with doing this is that the winners can often hang in the blue healing while shooting those on the inside. It's a good thing that the damage is increased. Here's my solution: Would appreciate your comments & votes. Maybe if this idea gets enough traffic we can make a change. A lot of people agree that the end-game is anti-climatic and needs a change.
  6. Using a painkiller/energy drink while laying down.

    I literally died by this happening yesterday.
  7. Allow patching while passenger in vehicle.

    You can do this, at least with painkillers/energy drinks, it just cancels if the driver turns a little or something, which seems like a bug to me.
  8. Couldn't agree more as well, that killing players in the end-game should be the focus and not circle avoidance. The randomness and arbitrariness of the early game is very enjoyable, but at that stage, you want gunfights to be the deciding factor.
  9. That's interesting jondavidjohn, I didn't realise that's what they did in PC tournaments. Have you any recommended youtube videos where I can see this in action?
  10. I understand why the developers have increased the damage and threat posed by the blue wave in the end-game, because they don't want the winning player, or players, to simply hang in the blue healing themselves and killing everybody inside the circle. However, by increasing both 1) the speed at which the zone becomes smaller and 2) vastly increasing the damage it does, it makes the end-game pretty arbitrary and, for many players (depending on location), boring. Even with experienced players, without a vehicle there are several late-game deaths which the players can often do very little or nothing about. Now, if neither these options above, 1) & 2), are changeable that's fine, but maybe the blue-wave should move more slowly at this stage in the game? Maybe jogging/walking/crawling pace depending on which side the wave is closing in from, rather than the jogging/sprinting/driving pace. This way, it still forces all the players into the zone (keeping them out of the blue-wave which still does an incredible amount of damage) but also allows people to strategise and approach the landscape tactically, rather than forcing people to run with holstered weapons out of the blue, directly at somebody who is shooting them. In these situations, you can't even pause to return fire because you'll necessarily die. This makes the end-game, for many unlucky players, the most anti-climactic part of the experience, which is a shame, because it should be the most enjoyable and tense part. Thoughts?