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    Rendering and spawning problems on Xbox

    The 2 major problems I’m having to deal with at the moment are building taking way too long to render in making short drops really difficult to deal with. Standing outside a building waiting for a door to appear is getting really annoying!! The other problem, which has only been happening since the last patch is that it take me way too long to actually spawn in, to the point that the plane kicks me out and I’m on the ground before I’m actually out of the black loading screen. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Don’t know if this bug has been addressed as haven’t checked after new patch. I’ve experienced this very loud sound every time I’ve been in a boat. I think it’s supposed to be the sound of waves hitting the boat but actually sounds like somebody is firing a kar98 from the boat or from right next to the boat. Very annoying!! All teammates experience the same sound but I’m not sure the rest of the map hears it, they should do it’s that loud!!