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  1. WakaFlocka

    New vehicles are rubbish

    Still way faster than running though. That in itself reduces risk a lot compared to moving on foot over open areas or to catch up with the circle. Vehicles are primarily a faster way of getting from A to B, it is easy to forget that in this type of discussion. Every single vehicle in the game takes a massive amount of damage compared to what their real world counterpart does. Just don't use them as stunt vehicles or drive them places no one would ever go in real life on a car/bike and you'll be fine.
  2. WakaFlocka

    Do some people not use vehicles?

    I rarely use vehicles unless I won't be able to catch up to the circle without one. The number of times I have used a vehicle in solo play with less than 50 people left can probably be counted on one hand (out of 1000+ matches). The 'hey everybody, here I come'-factor heavily outweighs the added protection a vehicle gives you IMO. It is largely down to preference and playing style. I am also one of those that rarely take cover in buildings late in the game.
  3. WakaFlocka

    How is TPP competitive?

    At this point in time it is probably more of an achievement being in the top 1000 of TPP than the top 250 of FPP due to the huge difference in player base. In that sense TPP is in fact way more competitive. You have to be a way better player than the rest in TPP to get a high ranking. That is no longer the case for FPP.
  4. PUBG already looks like a 10 year old game when it comes to graphics. I guess performance mode will degrade that even further. The question is how much lower you can go without it looking like a total joke.
  5. WakaFlocka

    How is TPP competitive?

    I'll give you a top class tip right now that will improve your results immensely. Don't run from building to building like a coward the whole game. It is a massive risk that will only get you killed both in TPP and FPP. It blows my mind that people keep doing stupid stuff like this - and then complain loudly about it time and time again instead of changing their own behaviour to avoid the campers. Then again; those who go from building to building are often considered cheap campers by other players. At least I do. Fight like a man, don't hide. I find it funny that those who complain the loudest about campers engage in a lot of the same activity themselves; when they enter a building it is 'strategy and wise game play', when others do it is camping... I rarely enter buildings after the initial looting phase unless I absolutely have to. That works very well for me.
  6. WakaFlocka

    How is TPP competitive?

    I feel the same way about FPP. Always kill more players there than I do in TPP. Mostly because they have very little awareness at all. I am sure a lot of FPP players never even look left and right before crossing a road.
  7. WakaFlocka

    How is TPP competitive?

    I don't believe you have played much TPP in PUBG. The other side of the coin is of course that a lot of the FPP players don't care about strategy or planning ahead, they just want PUBG to be an ol' fashioned rusher game where aiming and a quick trigger finger is all that matters. Realism? How often do you think you could approach something in a real life situation - be it a building or any other thing you use for cover really - and actually be able to see the ones in cover? Probably close to never.
  8. WakaFlocka

    600 meter limit on enemy rendering.

    Rendering distances of both enemies and vehicles has been reduced a lot lately. After the latest patch I have seens cars just 'disappearing' in the distance many times, never really noticed this before. This is very obvious especially on Miramar with its large open areas. Probably doesn't matter much on Sanhok though. I think they went a bit overboard with this. How much does a vehicle or player far away (probably rendered at very low detail level anyway) really contribute to the overall load on the graphics engine.
  9. WakaFlocka

    Anyone else scared of playing Solo?

    I have played mostly 1-man-squad the last few weeks, and going back to regular solo play is now a cakewalk in comparison. The main difference of course being that you don't risk being jumped by 2-3 others when you fire at someone - and that people actually stay down (instad of being knocked). But solo is of course way more unpredictable and people can show up 'everywhere', and that adds to the tension. In some ways you might actually have an advantage, especially when looting up, as a 1-man-squad since whole squads rarely land at spots that will easily gear up 1 player very well. You can also utilize the terrain a lot more without being spotted compared to 4 people running around. Anyways; highly recommend trying out a several day streak of 1-man-squad games only, it will probably change the way you look at solo play.
  10. WakaFlocka

    Sound randomly distorting?

    Experienced this for the first time after the recent patch.
  11. WakaFlocka

    SR suppressor

    Getting the holy trinity of SR + suppressor + 6x or 8x is rare indeed. At best I end up with 2 of those, I rarely find all 3 in the same game.
  12. WakaFlocka

    Fpp dead

    There are very few people playing TPP as well. Here in Europe I frequently have to wait 2-3 minutes or more for a game to start, and often the game kicks off with less than 60 players these days. The lowest I have seen so far is 33. Pretty sad stuff, I didn't see anyone or even hear a single gunshot until the final 10 or so:
  13. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mccool1969/video/62717820 Assumed I would at least end up with 3rd spot and the kills I had earlier in the game, but turns out the game wasn't registered/saved at all. It doesn't even exist when I try looking it up via 3rd party services such as Pubg Replay. Probably more a case of the server crashing than actual network lag. I thought we were past this type of issues by now. To rub it all in I would probably end up 1st due to my position alone, being inside the circle while the two others weren't. If the server had kept going and everyone disconnected, that is.
  14. WakaFlocka

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    Developing the engine in-house and thereby having knowledge of what will be changed/optimized the next 6-12 months so you can prepare and allocate resources based on that is of course a massive advantage compared to someone who gets access to the new version on release date.
  15. WakaFlocka

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    Probably very frustrating getting tons of shit on a daily basis, I can fully understand that. And of course the devs to the best they can with the resources that are available, but that doesn't necessarily translate to big and fast changes to the game.