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  1. WakaFlocka

    Holding breath while under water

    While swimming fully clothed with a helmet, bulletproof vest and a couple of rifles? I doubt it. Real life isn't a factor here though, it is about playability. People 'hiding' in the water is something I used to find very annoying in the game. I hope it will be less of it now.
  2. WakaFlocka

    Can we get a spam lock?

    Most forum systems have the option to limit the activity of freshly registered users (not being able to post until xx hours after registration, just x number of posts the first day and so on). There is of course a balance here - going to a forum with an important question or issue and having to wait a day before you are even allowed to post anything is not very user friendly.
  3. WakaFlocka

    New guns that should be added to the game

    If they are going to add something it has to have some real differences to the guns already available. Adding something that is 99% similar to something already in the game but looks different is just silly.
  4. WakaFlocka

    LOVE Spectating in Solo

    Agree, it is great fun. Also extremely satisfying when the guy who killed me fails to make it to the circle and dies because he spent way too long looting my dead body 😂
  5. WakaFlocka

    SLR drop rate

    Same here. Personally I think it should be a weapon that DO NOT spawn in the typical hot drop areas where there is already tons of great loot and rather be a potential 'reward' for those who travel/land in other less used parts of the map. Who knows; maybe it already is - I rarely hot drop and has found the SLR a handful of times on the test server.
  6. WakaFlocka

    One Man Squad

    I really like One Man Squad, have been playing it a lot lately. I think it works best if you keep your distance and pick off people from afar. If you are within 100 meters and up against a decent squad it is usually game over within ten seconds after you open fire at one of them (at least for me) unless you have very good cover or an escape vehicle ready. I tend to play One Man Squad more like a saboteur by taking out their vehicles or by following squads when they move on foot and then take out the guy trailing behind the others. The VSS really shines in this mode - beyond 100 meters or so it is impossible to hear and adds a lot of confusion if two squads are fighting each other.
  7. WakaFlocka

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    Agree, the sound is way too quiet on the test server. I have to crank it up to max (I listen via a headset plugged into the controller) and it is still a bit lower than I would prefer.
  8. WakaFlocka


    A slight golden glow on the desert landscape would be a nice touch, but this is way too much. Everything looks flat and cartoonish and it is also hard to see attachments on the ground a lot of the time.
  9. WakaFlocka

    Petition to rename TPP to...

    Yeah, I am sure the placebo makes me queasy and unwell too after a couple of FPP matches... I have played thousands upon thousands of hours of FPP games through the years. It is my preferred view by far in games that lets me choose. Not a single game has affected me like FPP in PUBG (On XBox) does. Very few of those games has been 30 fps and probably none has been 'almost 30 fps at times' though.
  10. It is the same static text all the time though, so it doesn't matter much. BUT the game should utilize a bunch of rotating tips on loading/warmup screens. There are so many things that are poorly documented that the average player who doesn't frequent forums is unaware of. A truly lost opportunity for the devs IMO.
  11. WakaFlocka

    Petition to rename TPP to...

    Probably the combination of poor frame rate and FOV - you have to 'turn your head' a lot more in PUBG compared to most other games on both Xbox and PC to cover the same visual area in FPP. For me the frame rate feels a lot more sluggish and uneven in FPP than it does in TPP. Playing PUBG on a PC is a whole other experience, the same issues with FPP is not a problem for me there.
  12. WakaFlocka


    Same here. I would like map selection simply to be able to play Miramar more.
  13. WakaFlocka

    Petition to rename TPP to...

    This is my issue as well. FPP just feels odd and uncomfortable to me in PUBG on Xbox. The frame rate is probably a factor too.
  14. WakaFlocka

    Level 3 Loot

    I would be very happy if they made the level 3 helmet a crate only item. Would also increase the incentive for going after the crates.
  15. WakaFlocka

    Erangel loot too scarce

    I feel that something has changed on Erangel. If I see a vehicle when parachuting I usually get in it right away and speed way out of the dropping distance to loot in peace for a few minutes (and maybe even get a great position if the first circle appears nearby). Lately it seems that buildings far from the plane's path has way less loot than if the same buildings are near the flight path. I can go through a section of houses that usually gear me up very well and just end up with a pistol, a motorcycle helmet and a backpack. And this isn't just a one-off, it has happened a lot the last few weeks.