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  1. Major Moobs

    New black screen bug on Miramar.

    Just upload it to xbox live the go to xboxdvr.com and search your gt it will be there after you upload it.
  2. Major Moobs

    No body box after kill

    There is not mention of AFK players being the cause in that post. Is this an avenue they are looking into?
  3. Loot is 10x better on Miramar.
  4. Major Moobs

    No body box after kill

    I agree with this, I killed someone that I thought was looking in a window of a building. When I got to where he was it was clear he was between a window and a door. There was no box either. Obviously AFK when I got there.
  5. I thought it was a bug at first too!
  6. That was implemented in the last PTS it isn't a bug it was intentional.
  7. Major Moobs

    Double click left trigger to aim

    Did you change the setting in the PTS settings? Because they all reset after the update
  8. Major Moobs

    3x has too much going on

    All the markings a put there for a reason.😁
  9. Location: Apartment SW corner of Yasnaya-Polyana. Video: See below Replication: Happened 2x in posted video. Hardware: Xbox one OG W/SSD and Wired connection. PTS Solo CompassionateThornyGartersnake.mp4
  10. Major Moobs

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    No problem!
  11. Major Moobs

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    It is intentional. The AR and dmr suppressors and magazines are interchangeable along with the dmr and sniper suppressors
  12. Major Moobs

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    I didn't read all of the comments, but has anyone had an issue with closed doors acting as if they are open and closing when you open then. See gif
  13. Major Moobs

    how to fix desync

    I was talking about the off topic stuff which your post wasn't.
  14. Major Moobs

    how to fix desync

    The elitist B.S. part is directed at the people that think pubg should be Xbox 1x only not you but apparently you don't understand that. Comprehension is something you may need to work on.
  15. Major Moobs

    how to fix desync

    I guess people should just stay on topic rather than spew their "elitist" B.S.