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  1. The MP5 and the UMP9 are very similar. What I would like to see is the 9 taken off the UMP and allow it to use 9mm or .45!
  2. No need for the MP5, the UMP is already in the game.
  3. Major Moobs

    Rate my kill out of 10

    I know I cant hit shit with the Kar98! I played the event this past weekend and had over 100 kills probably 10 or so were with the Kar98!
  4. Major Moobs

    Rate my kill out of 10

    Yeah I was shocked! I peaked at that moment. I did end up getting the kill also it felt great!
  5. Major Moobs

    just reward denied

    You just have to move away from the dead guys box and it works fine. It's a glitch I've had it happen before.
  6. Major Moobs

    Rate my kill out of 10

    this is my finest! https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/major-moobs/video/60430388
  7. Major Moobs

    When is the wall coming up?

    I had a guy running today he would stop then skip ahead 5-10 feet non stop. Couldn't line up a shot on him but I found him hiding behind a rock and killed him. That was the worst I have seen it.
  8. Major Moobs

    Should the bipod be an attachment?

    It was stated that the QBU was more stable while prone because of the bipod not sure about the others.
  9. Major Moobs

    I’m so damn thirsty for sanhok dinner.

    I did the get top 10 without a vehicle and the solo chicken dinner on sanhok but it didnt count the solo dinner. Apparently you can't complete 2 of the linked challenges in the same game.
  10. Major Moobs

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    All you have to do is soft aim, no need to go into settings it is f'd up either way. I'm adding my video also. f2957216-cd97-4125-8396-c7680e09b50a.mp4