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  1. Major Moobs

    Should the bipod be an attachment?

    It was stated that the QBU was more stable while prone because of the bipod not sure about the others.
  2. Major Moobs

    I’m so damn thirsty for sanhok dinner.

    I did the get top 10 without a vehicle and the solo chicken dinner on sanhok but it didnt count the solo dinner. Apparently you can't complete 2 of the linked challenges in the same game.
  3. Or if you steal a kill from another team.
  4. Major Moobs

    Full game?

    How much of that stuff was promised at 1.0 on the Xbox One?
  5. Major Moobs

    Dumping Good Attachements

    I will do this with level 3 vests all day
  6. Major Moobs

    Need new circle indicator for world

    Its not really that hard to notice because like I said the dotted line goes to the center of the next circle.
  7. Major Moobs

    Need new circle indicator for world

    You can also look for the dotted line on the actual mini map it leads to the center of the next circle. If you can see this dotted line you are not in the circle, if you can't see it you are in the circle.
  8. Major Moobs

    Fix map rotation

    There isnt really a rotation anyway. It just puts you in the next available lobby.
  9. Major Moobs

    Xbox sign in issues for some

    Just sign in to mixer on your xbox and it will sign you into live.
  10. Major Moobs

    PTS Hotfix incoming

    It's good only slightly over 100mb update been playing for a bit I got on before the live sign in issues started!
  11. Major Moobs

    New idea for looting in pubg

    That would completely change the dynamic of the game. One thing that is great about Pubg is the level playing field there is no need to make it unbalanced.
  12. Major Moobs

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    All you have to do is soft aim, no need to go into settings it is f'd up either way. I'm adding my video also. f2957216-cd97-4125-8396-c7680e09b50a.mp4
  13. Major Moobs

    Pts update?

    Yep no update as of yet mine was last updated the day the last PTS launched
  14. Major Moobs

    Pts update?

    This is what mine says right now.
  15. Major Moobs

    Test server?