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  1. When you get a chicken dinner you also get a crate

    and it should be something you don't already have, cause the last thing i need is another striped t-shirt or a vintage baseball cap.
  2. Mobile vs Xbox

    So, instead of constructive criticism, suggestions, or and idea or two to help fix things, you will just open your pie hole and say what a bad game this is? Just making sure I understood what you were trying to do. Oh and FYI, the mobile version was coded and built for mobile devices and made by Tencent Games, who licensed it out from BH,. If you are going to do nothing but complain, at least do a little research.
  3. The Only Kill That Matters

    You are so full of crap it is pathetic. Sniping takes just as much skill in this game as CQC. IF you dont like the play styles allowed in this game go elsewhere. Simple and easy fix.
  4. Reorganize Looting

    I think that is a good idea
  5. FN P90 and FiveSeven

    I would like to see them add M40A3/A5 with the Scout Sniper Day Scope (SSDS)—Schmidt and Bender PM II 3–12×50
  6. Struggling

    Same thing today, long range firefight, tango gets run over by a car, I lmao get up run 3 steps and die from a kar98 from the dude that died 5 seconds ago.
  7. Use GAS CANS as improvised explosives

    I am a tool shed junkie, I look inside about every one I pass,,
  8. Weapon Spawns got Cut in Half?

    I haven't found an M416 since patch #10 hit.
  9. Use GAS CANS as improvised explosives

    I probably see 20-30 gas cans a game on average
  10. Not only all that , but today when I aim and start to pull trigger, all of a sudden target is 3-5 meters from where he was on my screen before, Today is like trying to play in one of those flip the pages really fast to make the pictures move story books.
  11. Use GAS CANS as improvised explosives

    Great Now I am going to Bork a couple games just to shoot gas cans and see if anything happens. If it works IED here we come!!!
  12. NO dont, i think this is actually an Xbox live issue and not related to pubg
  13. What’s the back story?

    Oh how i can relate my brother!!!

    In all fairness this is like the 3rd or 4th post on this subject i have seen since yesterday. But yes, you made a thread with a statement and got answers and responses, so was the ass factor really needed ?
  15. What is going on??

    posting a video would help. And was the player wearing a lvl 2 or lvl 3 helmet when you sniped him, and what did you snipe him with?