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  1. c4guru

    Colorblind mode is a fail AGAIN.

    I had my brother come over and calibrate my TV just in case. And NOPE, it is all PubG colorblind mode. I had tried to calibrate it myself , but my daughter said it looked like "Easter threw up on Christmas"
  2. c4guru

    Very slow rendering time (video)

    This is crap,,rendering is so slow even map while dropping in is having issues. It is even worse when I land.
  3. c4guru

    Mirimar is f****d, erangel now loads.

    Playing on One S with SSD. I literally cannot CQC now matter how large or small the circle because FPS gets so bad it is like only having one eye and constantly blinking. If i try to get close to a city the choppy is so bad it makes my eyes ache trying to see what is happening. This is on either map. Getting really frustrated.
  4. Once again colorblind mode is a fail. This means to me that NO ONE that is actually colorblind was consulted before saying colorblind mode is up and operational. I tried both Protanopia and Deuteranopia settings and it is still not working right. The only thing that does work correctly is the red bombing circle, which is now nicely visible for me. The blood from hitting or being hit is a huge fail, the blood should switch to the same standard as the bombing circle did. The Miramar map is exceptionally hard to see the blood on because it isn't shifting to a visible range like the bombing circle. The scope reticles are still a fail because picking red green colorblind you still get a red or green reticle, even after pts patch notes say they have been addressed. I strongly suggest getting someone from each colorblind category actually look at everything before saying it is fixed. Look at the top part of the Image and pick the color of blood. Now look straight down onto the bottom part, Now imagine that looking out at Miramar and trying to tell if you hit someone with a shot.
  5. c4guru

    feels way less smooth than last pts round

    I play on One S with SSD, and it is way worse this time,,,I have given up on CQC and I have to stay away from cities, any fight in a city causes an FPS drop that is so severe it is like watching movement under a strobe light.
  6. this was enabled in last pts and it didnt auto record like this. If I try to disable it , dvr doesnt work.
  7. c4guru

    feels way less smooth than last pts round

    CQC is worse now than last pts.
  8. c4guru

    C4 or No4

    I voted NO because I feel it would just promote camping and rigging front doors or vehicles. Also there is a large difference between a shape charge for demolitions and an anti-personnel charge such as a claymore(not the scottish two handed sword). The coders are having issues with blast radius and damage from grenades right now, I wouldn't want them to have to deal with the coding for munroe effects etc from a charge big enough to do what all you are thinking about from hollywood movies.
  9. c4guru

    Og Xbox SSD

    Xbox doesnt support it unfortunately
  10. c4guru

    Og Xbox SSD

    That sounds like there is an issue besides the SSD. What brand and make is it?
  11. c4guru

    Og Xbox SSD

    I use the 500gb 860 evo, it kicks ass, From experience tho I would go with the Inatec enclosure. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JQTO8TU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. c4guru

    Og Xbox SSD

    performance is putting on a play. I like my ssd to act like a super car so it is preformance😎
  13. c4guru

    Og Xbox SSD

    are you looking for budget wise or straight up preformance ?
  14. c4guru

    What is this sorcery????

    That is some bad desync and lag there at the end.
  15. And that has nothing to do with this topic.