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  1. More vehicle types

    Skateboards? Scooters? Roller Skates?
  2. Hearing protection

    IRL you're right but in a game I'm not sure the amount of programming it would take would make much of a difference. Stun grenades do a good job. Comedian Bill Burr does a bit advocating the use of a .22 for home defense based on this. When I work armed I wear surefire plugs that have a tiny hole for conversation but block out acute loud noises like gun shots. The military uses headsets with noise blocking and there was a House Bill to get rid of the suppressor tax that got shelved recently. So, while this would make sense and make it more real I'm just not sure it would be worth it. Gun shots in a battle mask footsteps and the ringing of ears like the stun grenade would get fairly annoying to hear throughout a game. This post did get me thinking about getting my tax stamp for my stuff at home plus the Bill Burr thing.
  3. Worthless armor?

    I think they boosted the SMG's and nerfed the Rifles. I've had good luck with the UZI and I hated it before, mostly because of the lack of attachments (scope). My buddy wasn't able to put down two guys with his SKS and 4x scope from less than 100m and he is a good player. I watched as each guy took more than 4 rounds each and no knockdown. Hopefully a new patch comes soon but until then I guess its SMG time and for me, I always have fun with the VSS so that's what I'll be looking for. The VSS is just hilarious to use and watch people dance.

    Agreed. Some weapons are worthless now. Watched my buddy fire an SKS with a 4x scope at just under 100m and multiple hits later on two guys chest and head and not even a knockdown. AKM seems a bit nerfed but the UZI gained some. I just avoid the 7.62 guns now unless I have to pick them up. The DP still works but I have only used once since the patch and it may be nerfed as well. Sad, because 7.62 is on par with 5.56 IRL and with the right barrel much better. AR-10's are fantastic with it.
  5. I know I can't be the only one that jumps on or gets that text to play only to finally get online and my squad-mates are halfway through a game already. Then you have to sit there and listen to all the fun while staring at your character on screen in the lobby. So, you go off and do other things, like get snacks and drinks and then they're yelling for you to green up because they met their doom in an ambush or got killed by the play-line. (I mute my TV so there's no feedback and generally play wired in cause batteries die to quick and I'm cheap) BTW why not have the checkmark be green instead of yellow? Not a big deal, just that my years playing SOCOM have conditioned me so much that I catch myself yelling at the stoplights when I'm driving to GTFU already. Am I the only one?
  6. Remove in game clothes

    Haha, and that's a very formal name... did you call him Tommy as a kid and now you're grown up so he's Thompson? Sounds like he should have a well trimmed mustache and if not then why not name him Ghillie?
  7. Add more Humor... make it Funny

    Must be a Brit with that spelling. Well, why humor or humour? Ask a veteran of actual combat and they will all tell stories of people joking in the most intense part of combat. It is tension relief. Watch the HBO series Generation Kill and then watch the interview with the actual Recon Marines at the end and they explain how humor is important. Now, in this medium and others such as films, humor that is properly placed to relieve tension makes the whole experience better. Such as my examples earlier between DC Comic films and Marvel Comic films. DC takes itself very seriously (Why so serious?) and it goes dark, very dark. What saved the Christian Bale Batman movies was Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker. Dark but funny at times relieving the tension. Now DC is just dark and serious while Marvel, with the help of Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. have rewritten what action with humor can do starting with Iron Man. Pacing is key. Too much and its all a joke but too little and its too intense like a horror movie. Balance is what I'm looking for and maybe they will leave some glitches in. I love seeing people go flying through the air from a 5 mph vehicle impact. Its cartoonish, unexpected, and makes me laugh and enjoy the game that much more.
  8. Celebrity Voice Over / Commentary

    Not that PUBG even needs this but some games do get famous actors and not so famous actors to add a voice to certain aspects of their games. Generally these are in cut scenes but since this is a survival game it would be funny to get some of the actors from the Hunger Games to do some voice overs. Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, or Donald Sutherland. I could see a CGI version of them pop up saying Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Or perhaps doing a countdown when loading in. A little tongue in cheek but the game is making money and could use a celebrity or two to advertise it. Especially a celebrity who doesn't normally do this kind of thing. It won't enhance the game for any of us now but it would be a good marketing ploy.
  9. Add more Humor... make it Funny

    Re-read. comic relief is something that makes you laugh and relieves the tension. Fortnite is a cartoon full of make believe, bright colors, and building stuff. PUBG also has some less than believable stuff but is somewhat more realistic. I challenge you to go out and run a kilometer in 90 seconds with a 60 lb ruck sack on your back, sidearm on your drop-leg, an SMG slung, and a rifle slung. How about jumping off a three story building without breaking your leg? or Jumping off the build and shooting a guy through a window as you fall? Now, go out and ram an SUV with a motorcycle and make it blow up. This stuff is subtle and funny but has nothing to do with reality. There are some glitches that make it even more funny such as flinging your body a few hundred yards after your SUV gets hit by a bike. When the glitches go so will some if not most of the comic relief. Then you are just left with the less than reality of the game. If you're not laughing at this game and enjoying it with a smile then you are one of those that throws a tantrum and breaks his controller. Spaz out if you must and I will laugh and enjoy myself.
  10. Add more Humor... make it Funny

    Good points all. I just like the feel of the game now and with the glitches it makes for some funny moments. Once the glitches get fixed then its just like the others. I could do with out getting blacked out of the game and having to reboot though. I guess, for me, its like the difference between DC Comics movies and Marvel movies. Marvel has great action and writing but what sets them apart is the pacing of and the quality of their comic relief. Its a touch of comedy to relieve the tension and in PUBG we do get tense. Hell, even the end of the game is funny with "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner". John Wick is just straight action with very little relief from the tension. Don't get me wrong, its an awesome flick and so was the second one and if they shifted it to more comedy I would've been upset. I'm just suggesting keeping the same level of unexpectedness as they fix the glitches that make us all laugh, such as running over someone and having their body dangle from the front bumper.
  11. New Pistol Attachments Please & more

    Yes I do own a Gen 3 G19 and a few others. Replaced the trigger connector with a 3.5 Ghost and 4 springs later I had a trigger pull of 2.5lbs down from the stock 5.5lbs. Ranging from 44 magnum? Hmmm yes but also as pictured is a .357 magnum. Yes, the game has SMG's and yes they are pistol caliber but what I was getting at was to suggest to make the pistols more appealing to use in the game as a whole. The term "knockdown" is used in the common tongue and yes I would normally use the term ballistics. BTW the overall ballistics of +P 9mm vs 45 ACP was found negligible by the FBI's statistics about 18 months ago which is why they switched over to 9mm and why a few SEAL teams also switched to the G19. That, and those SEALs can find 9mm subsonic easier than 45 subsonic, plus its cheaper. Especially if you run a few hundred each range visit. Caliber doesn't mean anything for "knockdown power" and never did. Competition pistols is where I mistakenly wrote scope instead of using reflex sights. However, I have seen wild stuff at three gun competitions.
  12. Police Spike Strips

    I agree with you both. Not sure how they would accomplish this but the reason I suggested the cop car thing with lights on is to 1. draw attention to them, and 2. limit the number of spike strips in the game. Now a crate item would work with the limiting but having it as an item that you can deploy like the IRL versions might be a bit unfair unless there is a way to identify them from a certain distance to avoid them. I would say driving at 124 kph you might not be able to avoid them but at 90 you would have enough time. Slowing people down would make it easier to shoot them too. Not sure but they can figure that stuff out. Maybe, though, just make it a one and done so it is only effective for once deployment and perhaps you can't pack it up. I know IRL you can but for the game?
  13. Add more Humor... make it Funny

    That's alright, I get where you are coming from its just that I don't take video games like this on a console seriously like a simulator. I like the realistic nature of using the actual physical limitations of weapons and vehicles but there are some unreal things in this game already. Such as running at a 1.5 minute per kilometer pace in full pack. That and aiming with the muscles of the thumb translates to nothing in aiming actual weapons. So, for simulations I will stick with real life tactical training and gun ranges but for fun and laughs its a video game with some unexpected comic relief.
  14. More Movement Techniques

    Yeah, gotcha with rolling. That does get annoying and when you're wearing a pack of gear and have a secondary slung it's not gonna happen IRL. However, sliding is a useful technique to get to cover and remain in a kneeling position and in COD people can shoot so maybe nerf that don't allow shooting while sliding as you said. Star Wars BF2 was full of rolling and it got annoying too.
  15. Police Shield

    Certain things in the game are unfair already and are unreal. Such as running a kilometer in 1.5 minutes with full gear. Suppressors in the game are extremely quiet compared to real life with the exception of the VSS as it was built for subsonic ammo. The ghillie suit is certainly a huge advantage. Level 3 helmets are also a huge advantage and they are located everywhere. Developers could nerf the shield however they want. Make it difficult to maneuver like in Army of TWO. Make it slow to deploy or make it deploy only with a handgun. As in so many games that have it the player is exposed on the side and back when deployed. Heck, make only deploy with a riot baton. Like I stated, there could be two levels. A riot level and ballistic level. Riot gear is not bullet proof IRL and its completely see through acrylic. Ballistic shields are heavy and generally have a small window limiting sight lines severely.