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  1. RAFTERmantis

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    Meh, it wasn't too bad but 1. Playdough buildings and loading. Fell through hills and had to navigate out, didn't get stuck though. 2. Matchmaking glitches for long times & I just reloaded it and it took me in. 3. 1 out of 5 got booted 4 10/4 in the squad is this a joke or are trying to be like 5th/3rd bank? The good, was speed and map size and map locations (could use some weather rain, fog) I believe Training Mode should come first and would be more fun particularly if you could get a squad into it or more.
  2. RAFTERmantis

    Buy/Trade/Steal Skins/Clothes

    Well, I'll admit that keeping what you kill was not well thought out. Besides the disincentive to buy (which I will never do) digital clothing, players would just play naked. I do like the rare clothing drop idea and keeping it if you win that game. Either in every drop box or in a special box that you could identify maybe with a blue box and red tarp. This would either draw players there to get sniped in risk/vs/reward scenario or make them take more time as the loot the original drop box increasing the risk for going for it. I like it. I would like to see skins for helmets, vests, and backpacks. Probably coming soon.
  3. Suggestion: 1. Keep what you kill: Kill a player, steal his clothes, he gets yours, you get his to keep in your inventory. Perhaps you can safeguard 1 outfit? Or you just always have your original stuff? 2. Trade skins and clothes with your squad. I've got duplicates and with 30 BP buy back why would I ever. I stopped using BP to get duplicates and now gun skins are duplicating. Yeah, that's not for me but if I could trade then maybe but still 30 bp buy back when I spend 1000. Meh. Worst part of the game 3. Buy clothes for a Team Uniform. Squad/Team Captain could setup an outfit for the squad to purchase for $5-10 I guarantee squads would go for this.
  4. RAFTERmantis

    When can we expect Training Mode?

    Cool, I knew it was rumored. I think it will make mine and many others experience better. Dropping in on school or hacienda 20+ times to dial in settings gets a bit tedious. I hope its sooner rather than later because for me, if a 60 FPS game comes out with realistic gameplay and Third Person Shooter I'll be heading out. I'm a SOCOM original and love this type of gameplay. FPP is not as much fun but EA and DICE suck. Good Luck and Keep Up with the good work.
  5. Waiting on Training Mode It takes way too long to get the settings right each time you change the game Getting tired of spending time working the kinks out on settings Taking a break until training mode for the most part Anyone else?