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  1. X is not allowing us to pick things up or close doors on and off, will not show prompt to close door and will not pick things up in inventory menu or off the ground
  2. Didnt know how to get the point across but without saying it all, but several matches now things on the ground are not physically visible until i loot in the menu. Also, several things that ARE visible on the ground dont give the "x to pick up..." option on screen. Thanks pubg reps. Please relay all this we are reporting...
  3. Been looking to make sure this is reported and it keeps getting misunderstood as the original echo glitch. There are ghost footsteps that occur [when youre not moving], i was stalking two people over South of factory and freaked out because it sounded like a teammate or enemy was right beside me when i knew well my team was a good 100m west of me. I tried matching the footsteps' sounds to where the enemy was at (concrete, grass building etc) and it seems it may be friendly footsteps from too far away, though they were nowhere near pavement and those kind of sounds were in the mix. Like the proximity limit is glitching. Its intermittent and doesnt seem to be a way to trigger it. Ill try to get a clip next time. Just wanted to report it and confirm that we who are reporting it are NOT talking about the original [Our own footstep] echo bug.
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    Sandisk 900, Samsung T5, or other?

    Thanks guys, i was very very close to buying a wd passport, watched several videos and read many reviews. But it seemed the most common comparison was between it and the samsung T3- where given how they were testing it; was a back and forth battle of who was faster. (Wd faster but T3 had better driver which made it faster under the hood) Then i realized the T5 was out for a similar price (within 20-30bucks) and ruled out both of the others after seeing the read/write speeds confirmed. Will be arriving today and excited to get things moved over- speaking of, how do we?
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    Seriously the best thread so far 😂
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    Same, havent noticed the footsteps yet, friend has (im always barefoot) Have noticed the echo reloading No banding Smoother panning camera Didnt take absurd damage in a vehicle like i would pre patch (backing up hit a rock) Friend noticed taking unusual amount of damage vaulting out of windows (citing second stories specifically) havent tested this myself or noticed it, and dono if hes doin something weird but maybe (strong speculation) they changed something that caused a higher damage side effect- hence the bars till a fix? Knock on wood- havent been kicked yet Thing ive seen but not mentioned: Final circle(s) blue zone freezing and not moving in? Then all at once wiping whoever is still outside of the [what would be] new circle. Seen this twice total, but havent seen it addressed by any?
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    Sandisk 900, Samsung T5, or other?

    Bout to pull the trigger on a T5 SSD as write speeds have been confirmed upwards of 480 and read @510mb/s. Wanted to post quickly and make sure there were not any other recommendations (besides the monster glyph ssd rocking 800+) to take in to serious consideration or other options that may perform better given the kind of files we use. Thanks