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  1. Yes or No?

    I don't DVR. Annoying as shit.
  2. Yes or No?

    Are there or are there not hacks in this game?!? I just got one-shotted by an SKS while wearing Lvl 3 helmet and vest and whilst also dumping an extended mag full of auto Vector into the guy's unprotected chest from about five feet. WTF?
  3. New Weapon - IMBEL IA2

    Maybe they can work a hand gesture into the controls whereby you point a finger at the opponent and it says, "pew pew".
  4. Biggest take from Xbox Roadmap...?

    Reduction in foliage composition... NO. What is the point of having it at all if you can't use it for stealth? May as well just play Miramar all the time. They took the weather, and that REALLY sucked. I don't want to lose the foliage, as well. May as well put us in a giant blank arena and see who can shoot the fastest/most.
  5. Your ideal loadout!

    I have three Chicken Dinners (one PC, two XBOX - one of which didn't register last week, dammit). All three were won with a VSS. I LOVE that weapon!
  6. The most realistic experience?

    I did that a few days ago... Smacked a runner from behind in a UAZ doing 60kmh and she flew away with no kill. I thought it was just a glitch.
  7. What's worse than this? I dropped way off flight path just East of Georgepol. Nobody else dropped with me. I'm looting the warehouses and hear the first plane overhead. I duck outside and the first crate drops right on top of me. Uncontested, I get the M249. Bingo. I head back to the warehouses and move Southwest to the houses. I hear a second plane, and damn if another crate doesn't drop right on the beach. Uncontested again, I get the M24 and an 8X and a ghillie. Double Bingo! I am excited! I head off into cover and realize that I am already dead center of the circle, which is now twice diminished. Oh, this is going to be awesome. I get one guy in a nearby house... Headshot. I get a second guy that parks his motorcycle right beside me without seeing me in the ghillie with the M249. This is getting better and better... BAM. Dead from a Mini14. I end up 28th! Biggest disappointment of my life. Lol
  8. Where?

    I am thinking more about sound cues. I work much faster with reaction to sound, rather than visuals. There is no way (well, so far) that I can very quickly react to blood spatter, but honing in on sound allows me to adjust. I need to get better at both, but I am so much better at sound.
  9. Where are you at on the leaderboards?

    I have you all beat, as I am the ruler of the roost... Currently 328,458. Suck it!
  10. Dealing with campers

    I take that as totally fair. If I get spanked with what I have by someone who is either better or much more equipped, that's cool (doesn't mean I don't throw the controller and curse the monitor). :-)
  11. Dealing with campers

    I totally got destroyed this morning by a guy. I was "camping" - had found a good haul in a house and stopped in the bathroom to organize when I heard somebody come in. So, I waited with my Uzi. He opened the bathroom door and I confidently let it rip. He got me with one head shot with his DP28. Dang it.
  12. Dealing with campers

    People that call "campers" derogatory names are no better than their verbal targets... Survival is the goal of the game. Strategy is strategy.
  13. Where?

    Totally agree on suppressors, but not on flash hiders (visual) or non-suppressed weapons. The physics of the game should match real world, which gives directional cues with shots.
  14. The enemy rage quitter

    Happened to me, too. Down to final four, proned up behind one, opened up with the DP28, and POOF... He was gone. No body, no box.
  15. Where?

    Further to my post. A) I am using Beyerdynamic 990 stereo headphones. These aren't gamers, but have arguably the best sound on the market. B) The scenario this most often occurs in is end-game, when I have to cross open space to get in the smaller circles. I find that 75% of the time I don't see the remaining 5 or 6 players, but get hit as soon as I break cover, and I am dead because I can't figure out which way to run. C) Practice is ineffective without advice, so all of yours is appreciated.