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  1. Hello, I have been banned on PUBG by "steam"(even though they say they have no affiliation with the game) and I do not know if you are the right person to come to. I know through my Arma days that Battleye has blocked one of the programs on my computer, but it has never given me a ban. That program would have to be process hacker. If I was banned for any other reason than that, please inform me. I know it was a "cheat" program back then, but my computer has to use it as a task manager. So if I ran that program and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds at the same time and that is why I was banned, then I feel I was banned wrongly. I've had PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for a while now with around a good number of hours on it. The last time I played the game was a few minutes ago with my friend. I didn't cheat at all and I'm relatively new to the game even though I have quite a bit of hours on it. 

    I do not have a global ban ID that I know of but I have just gotten the ban. My name on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was MartyParty99. I am going to be putting on a ban appeal on the forums. I did not cheat, use scripts, macros, or client side hacks that gave me an unfair advantage against others in game. You may check my stats in the game. Please respond and tell me what I did wrong or please unban me. I've had steam for quite a few years and I know that I have VAC bans on my account but that was several years ago and I vowed not to cheat anymore on the other games.