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  1. MutX

    In depth stat tracker

    Sorting and filtering of all kinds are always welcome And again, solid work man 👍
  2. Bug Description:I got trapped under stairs in a building in Los Leones, and was also a bit surprised about the flying player until I realised what was going on Location:http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mutx/screenshot/8859196Evidence: DVR: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mutx/video/50353194 Replication: Have not been able to reproduced. TBH I haven't tried that hard to do so either... Xbox One VersionXbox One S
  3. MutX

    In depth stat tracker

    Ah, I could have read that before posting, yes. Thanks Would it be possible to add individual ending position for duos and squads?
  4. MutX

    In depth stat tracker

    Very cool! A thing I noted on the leaderboard for a match from yesterday was a few squads have more than 4 members, which has to be some sort of bug. How would you prefer feedback on bugs and features?
  5. Yes, me and a friend noted this in a duo match yesterday evening (EU) too. Haven't been rubber banding for quite some time so a bit surprising. It only appeared for a few seconds in one match though so not at all as severe as before.
  6. I’m not myself target for friendly fire as I only play squads with irl friends. We have other issues But it is obviously a problem for many, and mainly because the killing party scavenges on the corpse. And it does potentially give teams practicing this an advantage I’m not necessarily to found to be put against. Would a possible alternative to allow friendly fire be to block the remaining team from looting a team mate killed by a peer? It would at least remove the incentive to kill for loot.
  7. MutX

    Distance targeting

    Oops, the above guide only covers the 4x scope on snipers. Here’s the one for 5.56 rifles
  8. MutX

    Distance targeting

    Here’s a good run down on the 4 scope for different guns:
  9. MutX

    Stop proning in final circles.

    Yes, almost all lead planted in my head in top ten comes when l’m prone and chicken always served in crouched stance. You’d think I would from that but no, I too often realise too late it’s better to get up and at least have a chance to escape to some shelter or get a kill rather than getting killed anyway 😜
  10. MutX


    Indeed, the UMP with a scope, 2 or 4, and a silencer has become one of my absolute favourites at midrange!
  11. MutX

    Loot Glitch is Back

    I have seen this a few times and tonight I had a very bad case. I just downed someone one at a crate and when looting through inventory the “cursor” didn’t go all way down to the bottom throug items available but jumps over to equipment and weapons instead. I couldn’t select anything from the crate or further down. I believe this happens when there are a greate number of items on ground, in a loot box or a crate.
  12. MutX

    Sights not working...

    As a few already mentioned, go to settings and change the control type to “B”. It was reset to “A” by the update deployed last Friday which fits your description this happened a few days ago.