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  1. MutX

    Anyone play on PTS EU server?

    Nope, tried a number of times. Waited for minutes to no avail.
  2. MutX

    HRTF option missing?

    I realised I missed a not in my post above ? My assumption was it’s off but it is supposed to be enabled then? I recall sound direction was better when HRTF was on compared to the current implementation.
  3. MutX

    HRTF option missing?

    Yes, does the removal of the option means HRTF is enabled or not? I am assuming it’s disabled because judging where shots are coming from is as clear as it was on the PTS.
  4. MutX

    PUBG vs Tekken

    So Tekken is coming up with a BR mode ?
  5. FFS, this level of humour should be punished by law ?
  6. OP: Is it possible you have confusef the Sanhok map and the Sanhok Event pass? To claim and keep all rewards from completing the missions you need to purchase the Event pass. The map itself is included in the game you purchase.
  7. MutX

    Players unable to drive vehicles

    Evidence: N/A Xbox One Version: Xbox One S Connection: wireless Game Mode: Any Make/Model of your Controller: Xbox one, Xbox Elite Controller Connection: wireless Other devices connected to the console: Additional information: Not sure if needed but I have managed to reproduce and remove this issue at will. Starting at the Xbox dashboard, I have an original Xbox controller connected with an original Xbox charging cable and this controller is also turned on as the only active controller. I then turn on my Elite controller, which connect wireless so not through cable. With the Elite controller I now start PUBG, join a match locate a vehicle and find myself sitting in the driving seat wondering why this car came without an engine! At this point the other controller have been on and connected all the time. If I now turn off both controllers and starts up the Elite controller the vehicle is drivable again! I haven’t tried all possible scenarios but turning off all controllers (or other devices?) and only turn back on the one you wish to use seem to remedy the immediate situation. But this does not seem to be an issue on the current PTS?
  8. MutX

    Players unable to drive vehicles

    I did have this issue on the PTS but for me it didn’t transfer to the live servers after installing update #17. Did a hard reset before installing, mainly because the Xbox wouldn’t connect to my network. Downloaded and installed the update (w/o deleting previous version) and using the same Elite controller as before. Have been able to drive as usual on both maps since. Not sure if this is helpful, but it suggests it can be remedied!
  9. MutX

    In depth stat tracker

    Sorting and filtering of all kinds are always welcome And again, solid work man ?
  10. MutX

    In depth stat tracker

    Ah, I could have read that before posting, yes. Thanks Would it be possible to add individual ending position for duos and squads?
  11. MutX

    In depth stat tracker

    Very cool! A thing I noted on the leaderboard for a match from yesterday was a few squads have more than 4 members, which has to be some sort of bug. How would you prefer feedback on bugs and features?