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  1. Stop proning in final circles.

    Yes, almost all lead planted in my head in top ten comes when l’m prone and chicken always served in crouched stance. You’d think I would from that but no, I too often realise too late it’s better to get up and at least have a chance to escape to some shelter or get a kill rather than getting killed anyway 😜
  2. UMP

    Indeed, the UMP with a scope, 2 or 4, and a silencer has become one of my absolute favourites at midrange!
  3. Loot Glitch is Back

    I have seen this a few times and tonight I had a very bad case. I just downed someone one at a crate and when looting through inventory the “cursor” didn’t go all way down to the bottom throug items available but jumps over to equipment and weapons instead. I couldn’t select anything from the crate or further down. I believe this happens when there are a greate number of items on ground, in a loot box or a crate.
  4. Sights not working...

    As a few already mentioned, go to settings and change the control type to “B”. It was reset to “A” by the update deployed last Friday which fits your description this happened a few days ago.