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  1. pizzaman


    There should be a spinkick move
  2. She thinks he thinks that she thinks that he thought it was good. In the end, they both have had it better
  3. Wait what? Is this fake news? You can't lose rank anymore if you die?
  4. pizzaman

    10/25 wins solo Rank

    You got to play more games to increase your rank. Keep it up! Soon you will be the Universe Wizard Master Mage Rank!
  5. You sure you were on Russian server? Maybe you got matched into AS server
  6. Dude, is that Dudely from Street Fighter?!
  7. pizzaman

    You can't stop me

    no one is preventing you from being miserable
  8. You need to expand the Network Activity section
  9. Actually, remember the ending scene of Die Hard 1? McClane straight up ducktaped the pistol to his back.
  10. Not 3 holsters. The other rifles sling on the players’ back. Maybe they can get more pistol holsters.
  11. pizzaman

    Im done with this.

    Technically a game can start with 1 player. Apparently I’ve seen people get into that situation. So ya, I agree they should scale their map playing field based on players available.
  12. pizzaman

    Im done with this.

    For starters they should revert their map select option, that just segregates the match making. There will be less people if there are more options... mm will be forced with thay constraint therefore they would need to resort to out of region to fill players for mode/perspective/map combo (2 perspective) x (3 modes) x (3 maps) = 18 buckets for MM. 80 - 90 players needed for match start. How many concurrent players in one region depends on time of day. Let’s say most players play squads TPP on sahnok. Those wanting to play Duo FPP on Miramar is going to be less at a given time. (Remember players are slotted before match starts, not like in battlefield where you can join in at anytime of a match while it is running). So you have a limited window of time for players queing up for a combo. Ya you would get high wait times and they would probably need out of region to fill players. Just less choices would make it better
  13. Real world has trees like Erangal. Houses too