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  1. Emotes pffffff

    I used it just once for waving at a sniper who killed me 1 second later
  2. Flare gun

    Or just aim it at a person’s head
  3. I do it to make them think I am leaning out from behind an invisible shield and that they shouldn't attempt shooting at my body
  4. FPP Fov get worst!

    This game is for you
  5. Luting out of large places

    To be fair, micro uzi can shred someone quickly. Especially head shots
  6. More realism :(

    Maybe just play the Battle Royale mod for Arma 3? That has fatigue and it affects your aim
  7. How about an actual nerd canon?
  8. Emotes and where they went wrong

    Also some groups use discord or another voip service, then you are stuck with people not sayung anything in your squad
  9. Ranter58

    I mean with 100 players on the battleground, you tend to run into a mixture of people using different tactics. Just this morning I got killed by a guy aiming his ads at the corner, watching the replay, I wasn’t careful and when turning around corners, my ads was aiming too far to the right and i expposed my body too much. So partially my fault. Maybe try adapting and entering buildings more carefully.
  10. I have seen this only once, pretty obvious he sees them through the cover. On a related note, damn look at those comments in the person's steam profile. I mean it's just a game, I wouldn't wish death upon someone
  11. I think a better solution would be to render the player with a lower opacity
  12. That used to happen to me, the loading screen would take forever and I hear the plane flying already. Sometimes the first time you start the game and load the map it happens, though it has been a while since that happened to me. What settings are you running? Maybe set textures and such to very low since those take longer to load
  13. @Zork hey there, well what do you know, that helped greatly. Played like 3 hours of death match on CS:GO to get my mental calibration back up, and think I am doing a bit better in PUBG. Thanks!