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  1. Sights not working...

    Also all of a sudden I'm connecting with 3sec left till match start when it used to be atleast 35sec. No, It's not my internet, no, It's not my xbox. I've changed nothing. This game has.
  2. Sights not working...

    This is xbox I'm playing btw. Just found out I can aim down sights by 1tapping left trigger, that has not been the case for months. What changed, why? 99\100 shooters aim down sights when HOLDING the left trigger. This game used to, all a sudden I have to change the way I play?? wtf pubg??
  3. Sights not working...

    Game is literally unplayable now
  4. Sights not working...

    Didn't work
  5. Sights not working...

    I'll give it a shot Didn't think of that
  6. Sights not working...

    Thanks for the quik reply but yea, I know the buttons. It literally does not work, for days now.
  7. Sights not working...

    I may have hit an option I didn't mean to but I can't aim down sights. It won't let me see through my scopes, all guns, all scopes, nothing.