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  1. I dont even seem to have any shaders? I hit scroll lock and nothing happens lmao
  2. Weapon damage.

    Being able to 300yard kill with an ump? lolz. yip
  3. Weapon damage.

    Its garbage. Fix it. /end rant And fix the goddamn red dots and holo's /end rant
  4. Big Black Pixel Square when aiming

    Still no fix for the black box glitching?!
  5. Hello Devs?!

    When i try to redeem my key for the deluxe clothes, it says invalid key. But i just used the same key to activate and install the game. Patiently waiting for a week now...
  6. Shotgun fkd me

    Thanks game
  7. Color-coding the circle

    That just means they're not paying attention. Not the programmers fault. Theres clearly a timer on your screen the whole game. Counting down for EVERY circle. Lmao.
  8. 4x acog sights bugged

    Nah its not even the zeroing @depreshun the acog is wonky as fuck for me too. Shots feel all over the place.
  9. Close Range Gun Fights - HELP!

    Thats why my secondary is always a shotgun. CQC shotgun > rifle. Everytime
  10. Console discussion

    Lets get it right on PCs first, gents.
  11. Crate Economy

    No but if its like it was in alpha/beta, they will cap at 7000
  12. Color-coding the circle

    Control your epeen, m8. This is definitely a horrible way to think. If they want to make money they will be a little user friendly. While it would help. It would kind of be a waste of time IMO. Only takes 1-2 games to realize each circle does more and more damage.
  13. Suicide Vests!

    No call of duty crap please.
  14. PRODUCER PLEASE... Support SLI

    Wish this was more so the case. My cpu hardly sees 50% usage. Where as my r9 290 4gb is always 95-100%

    I did try it in game =P