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  1. Not sure this is coincidental, but this has returned in full force after last night's update. I hadn't been seeing nearly as much of this in the past week or so. But I'm now getting shot at maximum range through landscape/cover repeatedly. Add to that the following that I personally hadn't seen until today: Ability to teleport a great distance instantly to a competitor's location, attack them, and then snap back to the original location.
  2. Not sure about the motives. I wonder if the Test Server is less monitored, allowing cheat designers to test out new cheats with impunity before selling them for the Live server.
  3. I've been attempting to spend time trying out and testing all additions recently updated on the test server over the past two weeks. Every last time I've played, one or two cheaters wipe out the entire player list with the ability to no-scope 1,000 meter shots through landscape and walls. I'm not sure how we can be expected to provide any meaningful feedback/bug reports around new gameplay as long as this is the case. For me to last for any length of time, I have to glide to the remotest region of the map and stay away from the plane's flight path and anywhere with any population density. Frequently by the time I land, only about 20 players remain. With this (pathetic) strategy, I end up with a top 3 placement by the third circle -- at a point the circle is small enough that I'm within 1,000 yards of one of these cheaters. Then boom, lights out. So far, no exception. Every single game has ended this way for the past two weeks. Rather than provide feedback on new features, let me list all the cheats I've seen over this time period. Hoping that is helpful and others can add to this list. Again, these are only the cheats I've seen first-hand over the last two weeks: Identify and track player location at maximum range, regardless of cover. Land shots through any landscape/cover. (I've hidden in a windowless room in the center of a city building surrounded by walls and a closed metal door, and still get killed) Land headshots without aiming without missing at maximum distance. Simultaneous burst of all 3 M16 bullets as a single shot -- not only no recoil, no time delay at all, just a single burst of three bullets. Ability to pick up non-existent weapons and ammo from the ground. (This one may just be a replay bug). Super human jumping ability. Super human crawling ability. Super human sprinting ability. There are very likely a number of other cheats I'm not seeing because they get outdone by the maximum range insta-kills -- those cheaters don't last long enough to cheat. All the movement related cheats, I've been able to see in the lobby. Lastly, I've only been able to find a game hosted on the AS server on Test. Perhaps if the same production ping filtering were applied to the NA server, a lot of this would go away and I'd be able to try out and provide more meaningful feedback no new updates, but as it stands right now the Test Server is untestable.