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    White screen after start menu

    havent read all the comments just wondering if when your resetting your xbox your waiting for the light to go from wite to yellow before turning it back on, i have a old xbox one and to get it to update i have to wait till the yellow light turns on then when i turn it back on, under games and apps in the update part it will show pubg needs an update and install from there.
  2. The Demon

    Parachute change?

    my guess is when they tried to "fix" how fast you can get to max decent speed in FPP they have somehow changed this, and the result is now theres no ability to do those nice long jumps im assuming you and i both like to do. this with the addition of the NON stop slappy feet over top of my boot sound has put some hate in my heart for this game, iv been addicted to it up to this point, now im just starting to feel rage and hate for it, but its the price you pay for buying game preview i guess.
  3. The Demon

    Parachute change?

    iv noticed a change in this too, not sure why they are changing things then not putting it in the patch notes, was much better the other way they had it imo
  4. So im that guy who doesnt care that barefoot is quieter in the 8 out of 10 tests they did compaired to wearing shoes, i dont think that for the minute difference in sound it's worth the unbarable sound of your feet slapping non stop against the ground, so when i play with my friends and they have no shoes i just tell then sorry not into hearing your slappy feet and put about 50 feet between us, Fast forward to the last patch, now EVERYONE ALLWAYS , EVEN WHEN WEARING SHOES , HAS FREEKING SLAPPYFEET!!!!!!!!! Has made the game unbearable for me to play, please do not take weeks to fix this!!!! Please get your people on this ASAP!!!!! I log in each day load a round check my feet i hear slappy feet and i quit the game. im not going to play this game having to hear slappy feet every freaking second....