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  1. Correct, but they’ll make the money on the event pass which you pay for... and the skins
  2. First skin I’ve bought, and agree with loads of others, they should try to work on bigger fixes than introducing loads of new skins... that being said, the Harley Quinn skin looks sick, so I used my Sanhok G-coin to purchase it, however... you can’t remove the shoes?! you can only remove the whole outfit, I hate wearing shoes, sounds so much louder in all buildings, why can’t you just add an option to remove the shoes.
  3. DB0VIN

    Nades been nerfed?!

    I’m usually a pretty good throw with a nade... probably just off my usual game as I’ve been away for a month or so.
  4. DB0VIN

    Re-Roll mission?

    I thought it meant redo the same challenge for more xp haha makes sense now it’s been explained above
  5. Have nades been nerfed? Played a game just there on Sanhok, guy camping in a wooden watchtower, cooked a nade and landed right in it, guy must of been damaged badly as finished him off with 2 rounds, 2 mins later got a nade right in front of someone and after he killed me spectated to see he had just over half health... didn’t get clip of either but anyone else noticing this?
  6. DB0VIN

    fallout 76, possible disapointment.

    ^exactly this!!! why not online coop?! Played 6 hours of the beta and absolutely gutted, nothing special at all. Loved all fallouts before, but this new one is crap! Cancelled my preorder also.
  7. DB0VIN

    Big PUBG news incoming! (XO18)

    Don’t forget the brave souls on the pubg picket line striking too.
  8. Anyone play the fallout 76 beta as disappointed as me? Cancelled pre order after 6 hours of beta.
  9. DB0VIN

    I would like to see...

    Would be good addition, popping off heads ???
  10. DB0VIN

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Yup, concur with some of the other x users. Seems to run smooth, only issue is slow rendering. On mirimar I was driving south from Hacienda and I was almost in Pecado before the buildings loaded properly, playdoh buildings for days! apart from that, all smooth and no other immediate issues
  11. DB0VIN

    Is it really this bad

    Gun game is soooo good, was all I played on ghosts. Loved it
  12. DB0VIN

    Thoughts on the new Training Mode...?

    Agree with OP. need some sort of mini game introduced or score count... ie the score for landing bullseye from parachute and separate score for targets hit at different ranges, speed run times, races, etc, with leaderboards with friends too. A lot of potential and hopefully devs listen to us. Enjoyed the 30 mins going around the training map but nothing to show for it at the end, not even how many times I managed to hit the 800m target with the x15 on AWM. Anyway, I’m hopeful they’ll be some sort of incentive for the more experienced players to play the training map, as it’s good for new players who haven’t touched the game before, but after the first 30 mins there’s no point playing it again.
  13. DB0VIN

    Training Mode - Zombies

    I think either zombies/confetti/score system, something that allows us to gauge our shots.
  14. DB0VIN

    Crossbow sucks?

    Yeah This is a long distance for the bolts, you are also using a x4, you’re too far away from the target and like @HaoleBoi808 says, you haven’t taken the arch into consideration, bolts aren’t bullets they drop way quicker... unfortunately you need more practice.