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  1. nade blast area

    Haha the guy I killed rag dolls up in the air, and then my death is equally as mad 😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. nade blast area

    And just noticed I take damage hit from the blast, then more lag damage after... also who killed me? “_____ killed YOU with frag grenade” no name!
  3. Run away round a corner and this nade still gets me 😡🤮 anyone else think I should of been clear? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/DB0VIN/video/46173043
  4. Yeah, I was the same as well, messaged the other two guys in the squad after and thanked them, was good effort from us all with no comms 😂
  5. Yeah it’s annoying when nobody is communicating, and selfish of him for taking the ammo. Think you probably would of found some more ammo if you moved to a new area to loot though 😂 teamkilling was a bit harsh IMO
  6. Welp, its here...

    This makes me want to learn M&K 😂
  7. Welp, its here...

    I see, I've always been controller so never gamed properly with M&K, but seems like I best learn
  8. Welp, its here...

    I've never used M&K for gaming and heard A LOT of hate towards it on here (apparently people can tell if they've been killed by M&K player) but I want to know is it a big change from a controller?
  9. Get rid of shirts and pants in loots

    What about the Ghillie suit? 🤔🤔

    I joined LowT PUBG, everyone seems pretty friendly, haven't played with anyone yet but seems good.
  11. Fortnite < PUBG

    I've played Fortnite twice too, think I placed 67th and 89th... couldn't get my napper round the building and ended up running around with the silhouette of a wooden wall because I couldn't get the build menu away... that's when I knew... uninstall and put PUBG back on. I can see why Fortnite appeals to people but PUBG is so much more intense. I had my apple watch on last night down to the final 2, had cover so checked my heart rate, 110bpm 😂😂 thought I was going to pass out from a racing heart rate... whilst sitting down!! haha I haven't put this much time into a game since MW2 and first forum I've ever been involved in because I genuinely believe PUBG is brilliant.
  12. Think my satire was overlooked.
  13. Rope-A-Dope

    Hahahha that’s quality 😂😂😂
  14. Pc vs Xbox

    It took me a good 60/70 hours before I started getting decent, I would just keep at it, land in busy places to get used to the fighting and then when you’re comfortable with the weapons start landing in quieter areas to get your loot on. I rarely land in busy places now and sneak about picking off stragglers, getting an ok k/d ratio and high finish.