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  1. So now OG Xbox’s have an advantage that they’ll can just drive through anything, as their buildings haven’t rendered at the start of a match. Was on Miramar just now and a guy in San Martin, picked up a buggy, I went into a house and he’s driven through the house and knocked me. Ridiculous!
  2. DB0VIN


    But... Challenges/levelling system etc, I'm all down for it.
  3. DB0VIN


    This hurt my brain.
  4. Looks good, hopefully get everything working soon, they have announced they've increased their devs. Keep the faith.
  5. The hot fix patch realised today has actually gotten rid of the 3D model as it was devs concerns it was a major contributor to crashes... But the rendering time for buildings seems longer than usual, but I have suffered rendering issues on Xbox one x since patch 15, just not as long as the vid above
  6. DB0VIN

    Hot Fix Opinion

    Yeah, I had issues with it back when too, so I’m sure it’s fixed something. I’m just extremely bitter there’s no mention of matchmaking hot fix for FPP EU.
  7. DB0VIN

    Hot Fix Opinion

    Looks like they’re just stabbing in the dark as to where it crashes and hoping for the best that removing it fixes EVERYTHING 😂
  8. DB0VIN

    Excessive queue time's

    GMT All the time EU FPP
  9. DB0VIN

    FPP Que Times

    The lack of communication from devs is appalling, they tell OC that their servers will stop FPP, but don't mention anything about EU servers which have ridiculous wait times. TPP isn't as good and I want FPP answers!
  10. DB0VIN

    What’s you leaderboard rank?

    Don’t believe you... FPP EU doesn’t exist.
  11. I think it’s safe to say absolutely nothing was fixed. My game crashes way more than it ever has and Xbox one x now has same rendering issues at start of the game as OG. MOST FRUSTRATING PATCH YET!
  12. DB0VIN

    Miramar 12 times in a row!!!!

    I enjoy it also, like somebody posted earlier, after 500+ hours on Erangel there feels like some de ja vu to certain games on that map, so it's refreshing to enjoy a new map.
  13. DB0VIN

    June 5th update

  14. DB0VIN

    June 5th update

    @Andymh5 confirmed the update was released early and there is no update due 5th as it was pushed early.