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    Dumb ways to die.

    Yesterday I drove my friend and I into a tiny twig of a tree with a UAZ. We both got launched from the car and died.
  2. mintyfresh

    Outline compass #'s in black

    I have bad eyes and this would make it so much easier for me to see. There are moments where my friends will be saying a number and I'm sitting there squinting trying to read the HUD to figure out where it's at.
  3. mintyfresh

    Please check your bushes regularly!

    Stop trying to give away my bush game My friend and I were playing duos the other day and were hiding in the bushes. One guy even tripped over us as we were prone and didn't see us. He kept going.....even though I was also wearing my lucky blue high tops.
  4. mintyfresh

    Dancing cars

    I have personally seen two rare dancing dacia's out in the wild. I've also spotted a uaz and even a buggy getting their groove on.