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  2. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Copied test to live

    Actually Miramar is available right now.
  3. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Grenades when downed

    Plus the game has been out on pc for a year and they haven't implemented it yet so I doubt we would see it if we ever would
  4. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Grenades when downed

    Which I am okay with because its harder to acquire and more rare than a kar98 I understand but that is why some people play squads. They like to have the option of being picked up after getting shot
  5. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Grenades when downed

    I somewhat agree but that is what the armor is for. If you have a lvl 3 helmet then no need to worry about an instant headshot death. Also that's why people play squads because they like having the option of being picked up. If you disagree with the DBNO concept I would say play solo's
  6. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Game Freezes at Final Circles PTS4

    Thought it was just me. I always have that issue right before the game crashes
  7. MrSoggyWaffle25

    15x scope bug?

    this is a known bug that has been filed
  8. MrSoggyWaffle25


    I agree crashing is a lot worse along with the FPS and lag. Just dropped hacienda and didn’t get to touch the ground before my game crashed.
  9. MrSoggyWaffle25

    SLR on Xbox?

    not for a while bud
  10. MrSoggyWaffle25

    PTS round 4?

    Keep an eye out for Nico Bihary on twitter. He has posted a few updates on it
  11. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Damage sound when winning?

    PC just received an update where it takes that sound away when winning “Damage-received” sounds should no longer play after winning a game
  12. If you wanna be technical, its not even out on xbox yet. Still in PREVIEW
  13. MrSoggyWaffle25

    I assume they aren't goingTo Bother fixing..

    Ive said it once and ill say it again, all these little kids come in here and expect everything to be spoon fed to them. DO A LITTLE RESEARCH for gods sake! Its very clear when you read the patch notes
  14. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Servers are down try agian later. For 2 days

    because they take them down.
  15. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Issues I’ve Experienced - Name yours

    Great thread!! I have a bunch of those same issues