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  1. MrSoggyWaffle25

    More Loot

    The only reason the added more loot to Sanhok is because the Map is smaller and you don't have enough time to run around just to find a shotgun. Sanhok is supposed to have more loot in order to make the games go by faster
  2. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Bad Hit registration with new update

    I wouldn't recommend wireless, if you could try wired connection and see how that works for you
  3. MrSoggyWaffle25

    More Loot

    No, the loot is perfectly fine. Its RNG for a reason. They aren't going to change it. I haven't had an issue where I cant find a decent gun.
  4. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Bad Hit registration with new update

    Whats your connection set-up?
  5. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Failed to Create

    you wont get much help here buddy, this is the xbox forum
  6. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Sanhok xbox one.

    Im sure they will have a PTS similar to Miramar especially since the map is a lot smaller and they had issues on the test server for PC. Id say given this update we just got, 1 month to 1 1/2
  7. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Custom games.

    yea but not all xbox players use mixer and if they are streaming on both platforms why wouldn't they respond to both. It was blatantly clear they didn't have a window with the twitch chat open. I personally don't use mixer as the quality is shit compared to twitch. It makes sense to use mixer but don't open both streaming platforms and only respond to one. And one of my buddies responded to his twitter post about the same issue and he said that the questions were based on what could be answered. we were asking legitimate questions and got the cold shoulder. I used to like Nico but that changed yesterday. Just another over paid Microsoft employee who doesn't care.
  8. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Getting Worse

    they are trying to get 60 fps but wouldn't happen BEFORE launch. if the other consoles are getting 30-40 then you can expect all consoles will be locked at 30-40 unless they plan on splitting the player base based on which console you have. "While I previously stated PUBG would run at higher FPS at XGP launch on 12/12, I want to clarify that PUBG will run at 30 FPS across all @Xbox One devices." Straight from the twitter post. Top 100...good for you!
  9. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Custom games.

    he said its coming soon and will have more information to share soon. That was all. Also his stream with mixer and twitch was dumb since he was only paying attention to the mixer boys. It was kind of rude IMO
  10. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Why did you make rendering worse on One X?

    so slow hinder the xbox og more? I mean I guess its a two way street though because if you hinder one then one is faster and vice versa I don't think they should make any console slower at rendering than the other. hell at that point why not do a server for x users only and og and s together.
  11. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Stats reset, AGAIN?!

    What kind of progression? you don't get anything for X amount of games played or x amount of kills.
  12. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    You can hold start and leave game from there.
  13. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Stats reset, AGAIN?!

    What the hell does it matter if the stats are reset? they don't give you any kind of advantage so why all the gripe?
  14. MrSoggyWaffle25

    I can not play the Map Sanhook?

    It’s not out yet. That’s why you can’t play it