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  1. Cubstick

    Playstation crossplay!

    yes we need crossplay, trying to find a solo fpp game after 11pm takes forever for me. and i come home late from work.
  2. as soon as i updated to new patch, i knew something was wrong with the left stick. i kept on running into walls and my character would run to the left all the time. i guess i'll be back when they fix this. what a great company lol.
  3. Cubstick

    New update is superb on X

    yea i played some fpp today, it sucks that games are starting with 30-40 ppl. but the gameplay is nice and smooth on X.
  4. Cubstick

    Solo NA FPP is dead...

    for the ppl that play blackout, how is the gunplay compared to pubg and pace of the game. I just tried for 50 mins to get into a game in pubg (fpp) and gave up. I think I might have to move on to black out
  5. Cubstick

    FPP 8x8 Miramar

    i haven't played pubg in a month. Now im here waiting for 8+mins looking for a fpp in na servers. What the hell is going on? I know cod blackout mode didn't take everybody off pub-g.
  6. Cubstick

    The state of 1.0 and October 12th

    What movie is this scene from?