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  1. the fog audio, makes the game scary lol
  2. Cubstick

    PTS Hotfix incoming

    wish i didnt smoke before i read this. i'll play tmrw night then
  3. any AR with a VSS
  4. Cubstick

    Pts update?

    anyone get a solo ffp game to start ?
  5. Cubstick

    Pts update?

    wait so we can play pts server with new features tonight ?
  6. Cubstick

    LOVE Spectating in Solo

    it would be good if they let you know someone is watching you.
  7. Cubstick


    I've found it twice, its pretty good, i like it without scope, iron sights are nice.
  8. Cubstick

    Head set thread

    my setup is sennheiser hd800s + sound blaster x7 + antlion modmic . I hear everything 😆