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  1. good thing i have both 😅
  2. yea im pretty much done until next patch. just had round with only 12 ppl left, running to next circle, get shot in back once..... game freezes
  3. Cubstick

    Absolutely brutal loss...

    ak with a silencer is beast
  4. Cubstick

    PUBG Replay

    is there a way to zoom in on map ?
  5. Cubstick


    no i didn't really look, was just amazed i ended up in ocean
  6. Cubstick


  7. Cubstick

    Seriously this is what we get?!

    patch feels good for me, 1st game got a chicken dinner. but that was my only game i played so far
  8. Cubstick


    well whatever its called, just helped me get a chicken dinner. BOOM HEADSHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Cubstick

    Matchmaking slow

    same for solo fpp,
  10. Cubstick

    You have 5 months Bluehole

    nope insurgency sandstorm will be my game to play
  11. Cubstick

    PTS update

    ok thanks, will play some solo later
  12. Cubstick

    PTS update

    did they add fpp server yet ?
  13. Cubstick

    PTS Returns

    damn hopefully they add the solo FPP
  14. on xbox one x , game feels much better to me, played 3 games, fps only dropped for me 1 time.
  15. Cubstick

    VSS <3

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Uncle Cuban/video/45499238