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    Vehicle damage to Pedestrians is Broken

    Yeah, it’s just Broken. Not necessarily always too low. I watched a clip of my brother driving a UAV. There was a guy climbing up a cliff from the water. My brother hit him so hard with the UAV that he flew like 60 feet into the sea (and the UAV ended up in the water too). The guy survived, got to the beach, and killed him.
  2. I was driving full speed across a field and hit a guy with a UAZ. He didn’t get knocked and he and his partner shot up my vehicle and killed me. Currently it takes 3-4 punches to knock someone and 2-3 hits with a vehicle. Thats broken. If you hit somebody at full speed in any vehicle they should be knocked. For big vehicles, it should be like 20-30% of top speed will knock someone. For dacias, 30-40% for buggies, 40-50% motorcycles, 60-70% or, you know...something to that effect.