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  1. Just to be sure as you told me you have also an external drive, you have 48% of internal? Because the Xbox is displaying the total percentage of free space on the games and apps section Also a simple hard reset and a full reinstall of the game can help Hard reset : just press 10 seconds the power button then unplug the console for 10 seconds also Cheers
  2. How much free disk space you have ? I advise you to install internally and to have at least 20 % free on your drive
  3. Concerning the building loading in Miramar, Is your game installed on the internal drive? I have a OG Elite and was using the game installed on a USB 3 external drive, when i finally moved it on internal no more wall crossing and building loaded on time most of the time Just a little wait to see weapons appearing
  4. lephilou

    What are some issues your having currently?

    Try PUBG on an OG Xbox and you will see the game is not yet made for every Xbox one players, this is a major flaw, people killing tenth of people in one game do that is OneX, the game has to be fair to all, OneX is to get 4k and good better graphics, not to have no stutter during combat!! Or like many suggested, they should make different servers for each type of console
  5. lephilou

    What are some issues your having currently?

    Biggest flaws are OneX advantage over the OG Xbox, in close combat OG has stuttering and it is very pointless to try to get a kill like this, but well i keep trying over and over 😣
  6. lephilou

    crates are bullsh*t

    Tricky way of making people frustrated and addicted in the only purpose to make money out of it.. Lets hope regulations will stop those practices, they bring gambling wrongdoing to game, game is game, profit is killing it
  7. lephilou


    Did you try to reinstall it? For me and many in this forum it did the trick, hope it will work for you
  8. lephilou

    FPP European

    i was able to play on european server just now but environnement loading is taking ages on Miramar, playing on original Xbox One