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  1. Impossible for me to do a single game on the PTS european servers... Did anyone played on PTS EU servers ??
  2. lephilou

    Anyone play on PTS EU server?

    Still not a single game on PTS EU server.......
  3. Implementation of newest Unreal game engine, will it ever happen??
  4. Hello, i encountered a bug while spectating a 3 players teams if i press RB i change between 2 players but not the third one and if i press LB i change between the third one and one of the previous 2, I hope it's clear for you
  5. lephilou

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    Then go get your ban troll
  6. lephilou

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    you are funny, now we should even beg not be killed by cheaters and morons ? I hope they get long ban and also BP sanctions like 1 or 2 thousands they can go play ForMite!! ?
  7. lephilou

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    Oh so you play PUBG but you are free of your movement, i didn't know that if you don't do what a 12yo (12yo as an example i don't really want to point at a certain type of people) want, you are not legitimate to continue play and by the same way getting your win/loss ratio spoiled Teamkill equals ban, end of story
  8. lephilou

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    oh so you think there is a legitimate purpose to teamkill?? Are you one of them?? ? Everytime it was to steal my loot, just buggers and cheaters
  9. Since last year, i only played solo, but now i started play squad game and i m getting so mad at those teamkillers, You have to impose tough ban, i mean real hard, it is so frustrating to not being able to have them payback like in GTA....... Grrr im mad Keep up the good work PUBG devs, oh and please give us details on the implementation of newest Unreal game engine, will it ever happen??
  10. lephilou

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    My advice is to land everytime at the same place, and i suggest the temple at the top of the mountain near Camp Alpha during squad game, it s a place where there is often vehicle at random, that s where i found mine after 3 or 4 games a landing on this place Good luck
  11. Hello, I was surprised that PUBG is not throttling the download speed of the Xbox, most popular multiplayer games do that so i guess it is not useless I looked on forums but i couldn't find any reference to this Cheers and the latest update looks nice Thx
  12. lephilou

    Choppy gun fights

    Nope the port is made by Anticto mate !D
  13. Fortnite has its engine updated often and the engine is also updated very often so i don't see why it couldn't be, latest additions are very console oriented so it has to be implemented... The army of devs at Bluehole can do it i'm sure, it all depends of ressources they put in it and the benefits expected Lets all cross fingers and they read and react to this !D
  14. Please devs can you include some info about the engine you use. Will PUBG will ever be updated to newest Unreal engine? Lots of optimization we are dying to get and that our favorite game is clearly needing.. Can we have clear talk about it please
  15. Kill with grenade after death not registered in missions Hello, I killed someone with a grenade but the guy killed me just before he literally exploded but i went to check if my kill was registered in missions and it's not Can it be fixed please