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    Patch 12 needs a patch. Issues already!

    I don’t understand how people expect a game in Xbox game preview to run the way destiny 2 runs. You got what you paid for. A game still being developed and worked on.
  2. Kingkrazyxx

    Vehicle crashing

    I've noticed that the game starts to stutter when there are too many vehicles in the same vecinity. This has been what appears to make my game crash. Last night i was driving in a jeep with a full squad and we were chased by a jeep behind us, a buggy in front of us, and another vehicle near by that we couldnt see. The game's FPS dropped and two of my teammates crashed back to back. Luckily I was driving and they reconnected and we proceeded to win, but its not always so lucky.
  3. Hey PUBG team. My squad and I had this glitch happen to us while playing the other day. Teammates game crashed and he was stuck in a vehicle. While he was reconnecting the Jeep clipped through the ground and put him in water. He reconnected, swam up and reclipped back into the game. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kingkrazyXx/video/45533482