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    Kinda fun and easy to get kills
  2. OnSangre

    Remove Friendly Fire.

    I never said it should change , I said I wouldn’t mind if they removed it.
  3. OnSangre

    Remove Friendly Fire.

    I always seem to get team killed by my buddy by getting in the line of fire due to being more aggressive and pushing. I wouldn’t mind seeing friendly fire removed
  4. OnSangre

    Shotguns don’t seem to work at times.

    Spread still missed.
  5. OnSangre

    Shotguns don’t seem to work at times.

    THe first 2 shots missed/hit the rail
  6. Lol I once dropped military in solo’s and grass camped a car.. easiest 5 kills I ever got with the DP plus insane loot.
  7. He shot at me when I was down below, so I looped up the mountain and sent him for a ride. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/On Sangre/video/45624051
  8. I just encountered this with 6 people left and 2 were in cars playing demolition derby. Doesn’t seem like a good idea seeing their outcome.
  9. OnSangre

    My highlight of the day

    Takin him for a ride . http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/On Sangre/video/45624051
  10. Lol I actually thought it was a map not future plans
  11. I love pushing anyone that lands next to me as soon as I find any gun. Usually I surprise them with a handgun for an easy kill.
  12. OnSangre


    lucky chicken dinner or just bad shot? http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/On Sangre/video/45540712