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  1. I don't get why it's happening, it seems to be totally random but my ingame sounds stop as if i hit the mute all sound and comes back. It will do this randomly but seems to happen mostly if there is people around. It's super frustrating and i play 1 or 2 games and don't play for a week hoping the next update fixes it. It only used to happen in mirarmar but now it seems to happen regardless of the map. It's not my headset because if i have sound playing in the background the music plays continuously. Any ideas?
  2. DanStealth

    Sound cutting in and out

    Seems to only happen when i play miramar, but sound seems to cut when a lot of sound is happening. Gun Fire, gernades going off. The Sound cuts out, i can't hear anything, and it will come and go. The weird part is my discord works fine so i don't think it's my PC. Anyone else have this issue? It's super annoying. When i go back into the lobby, the sound is doing the same thing till i restart the game.
  3. DanStealth

    Dont change the loot in the new map

    Having more weapons definitely makes it a bit more fun, I kinda like it too
  4. I haven't really been TK'ed since i started playing the game, but i do play FPP so maybe it's less likely?