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  1. I don't get why it's happening, it seems to be totally random but my ingame sounds stop as if i hit the mute all sound and comes back. It will do this randomly but seems to happen mostly if there is people around. It's super frustrating and i play 1 or 2 games and don't play for a week hoping the next update fixes it. It only used to happen in mirarmar but now it seems to happen regardless of the map. It's not my headset because if i have sound playing in the background the music plays continuously. Any ideas?
  2. DanStealth

    Sound cutting in and out

    Seems to only happen when i play miramar, but sound seems to cut when a lot of sound is happening. Gun Fire, gernades going off. The Sound cuts out, i can't hear anything, and it will come and go. The weird part is my discord works fine so i don't think it's my PC. Anyone else have this issue? It's super annoying. When i go back into the lobby, the sound is doing the same thing till i restart the game.
  3. DanStealth


    just par for the course
  4. you should be able to load a localized game that just allowed you to shoot weapons and get a feel for it. Even if it's the 4x4 map with the weapons loaded at the training zone.
  5. you notice this a ton if you ever used a XIM. It does the same exact thing but it's 100x worse.
  6. You can't have a decent map selection system unless players carry over, which doesn't happen. You leave room for map selection manipulation if you leave it down to a squad choice and they can ruin ranking by favoring a smaller map and such now. I think the only way to fix this, is to allow more custom servers and just allow a map rotation of your choice. Only method that would truly work would be a Generic Lobby that people load into, and allow a voting system for the next map during spawn island or whatever. However, you are looking at longer load time due to the voting and level loading that takes place afterwards
  7. DanStealth

    Map Selection pls

    won't ever happen for ranked.
  8. DanStealth

    New map 4x4 fps training center?

    not a fan of Vsync in the game, lag increases
  9. DanStealth

    Dont change the loot in the new map

    Having more weapons definitely makes it a bit more fun, I kinda like it too
  10. DanStealth

    Will rain and fog ever return?

    dynamic would be nice
  11. Pretty sure they made it 80% so you get tired of quitting lmao
  12. I haven't really been TK'ed since i started playing the game, but i do play FPP so maybe it's less likely?
  13. Can’t you do that with a custom game?