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  1. The problem is the CPU, not the GPU.
  2. I crashed 7 times over 3 hours of playing on the X. Havent ever crashed this often
  3. My group plays most nights after 9pm eastern. We used to have 4 consistently but one of our guys got too frustrated with the game. We are all adults, youngest being 30. So no kids sorry. We are average players, so if you are expecting non stop dinners move on from here. We have fun though haha. Just as a warning, we swear and talk trash to each other but its all a good time. If anyone is interested in squading up let me know. Also one of us is a female so another lady is welcome is you are interested.
  4. We have a lady in our squad. We are older and not the best so no stress there. Im the youngest at 30, so are usually accepting of others atleast 30ish. We can be inappropriate so if thats an issue sorry. BUt if interested add me and send a message letting me know you are from here. GT: TURBO1112
  5. TURBO1112

    What is up with TPP / FPP?

    I don't like TPP because I thinks its cheap to peak around cover without exposing yourself. Makes it more intense.