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  1. Gamepad not working

    I had it working last time I played. Didn't change anything. Now I'm getting no response in game. When I unplug it and replug the gamepad works for 5 seconds then stops. Anyone know what's going on?
  2. Everything worked fine before recent update. Started game after update and controller not working. I was not using any steam configurations. Seems like pubg already picked up my controller and had its own in game configuration. Only way I got it to work now is by going into steam and selecting Xbox 360 configuration support. Now, none of the steam configs are the default pubg configurations that I was using before. So what I have to and make my own configuration now. Plus I don't know if I could set them back up correctly to the way that they were. Seems confusing to set up correctly. Did something happen in the last update? Or is it just me.