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    Last patch 1,6gb and xenuine error

    bro we have the problem!
  2. Xenuine Window xenuine_last_detailed.log -I have Windows 8.1 -I searched for msvcp140.dll and it's in PUBG Win64 folder, System32, and SysWOW64. I'm not sure if it needs to be in more folders than these. -I heard I need to install Microsoft Visual C++ to fix this problem, so I installed all of these. -I have 3 "important Windows Updates" but I after reaching 99%, this pops up. And I couldn't the updates. -I tried reinstalling PUBG. -I tried verifying game cache. Still, after all of these methods. Nothing worked. I still get the same error window everytime I tries launching the game. I still wonder though if I can install Windows Updates, will it fix my problem? And how to complete the update without failing?