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  1. silent_srb

    wait time

    EU region, waiting times are ridicilous.... is it enough info?
  2. silent_srb

    180ms ping with the new matchmaking system?

    Same.. eu region sometime go instantly sometime never..
  3. silent_srb

    Matchmaking anomolies?

    Me and my friend tried about 15mins to play, only once miramar... eu region
  4. silent_srb

    One big reason players abandon PUBG

    I like pubg because you often have to outsmart other players, instead of just outgun like in most shooters. Watching pro streamers and hot dropping made me much better then when I started. And dont forget training map, play a lot there and shoot other players, not targets, your skills and self confidence will go up pretty fast.
  5. silent_srb

    Why is 4X different?

    I totally agree.
  6. Every other scopes are same only this is different on different weapons.. why?
  7. Just flip coin if you cant choose
  8. If you stuck in blue always can empty the backpack so can run faster.. it would make some interesting dilema (run faster without all necessery suplies or risk dying in the blue)
  9. Every item should have some weight. More items you have, heavier you are (slower running,less stamina,make louder noises)
  10. In translation, be a good sheep! 😁
  11. I say devs should let the competitive people go play cod and bf, and continue to make pubg what really is: great atmosphere, tension, gunplay. They should concentrate on fixing bugs and with Fixpubg campaing and I think they are on right track.
  12. Try updating graphic drivers or play with graphic settings (put all on low and start raising until you find the problem)
  13. I dont have a beast pc (its running full hd at 60fps) but never had issues with rain, fog etc.. we play mostly Sanhok and really like the atmosphere with rain and thunders.. try lowering some settings see is it going to improve something.
  14. silent_srb

    get killed behind cover

    High ping players see you like you are still on their sight... Happend to me multiple times
  15. silent_srb

    Grenades should damage vest/helmet

    They can make that some part of damage can be taken by armor. But if a nade land too close then blast wave will kill you anyway.