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  1. I always choose miramar in map selection, hate erangel..
  2. silent_srb

    Make lobby less boring

    Its a good passtime plus you can practice some shooting
  3. Just put people in groups of 10 accross a map to lower server load and equip them with random guns.
  4. silent_srb

    Is it a tank or a motorcycle?

    Yeah, but this is simple thing.. mass of a car is much greater then mass of a motorcycle so much more force should be applied on the motorcycle, not vice verca.. when I turned the car to crash the motorcycle I had a feeling I runned on a f@cking tank.. and the motorcycle just kept going lol
  5. Physic is pretty broken in this game. Please fix it. 20180422_220829_1.mp4 20180422_220932_1.mp4
  6. silent_srb


    Good for you
  7. https://www.google.rs/amp/s/gamerant.com/pubg-remove-red-zone/amp/ Really?! Vocal minority is ruining the game and rest of us are just sitting by side and doing nothing... Please do not remove the red zone!
  8. silent_srb

    Desert Map

    I like the desert map more and also feel frustrated when I get the green map two and more times in a row.. They really need to add map selection.
  9. silent_srb

    Nickname changing??

  10. I have two: -blue vs red: 50/50 players, standard fight -blue vs gray: 50/50 on Miramar, win94, .45 revolvers & pistols only
  11. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    Not quite. In order to encrypt something you need to have encription key stored somewhere so it can be accessed by third party anytime. Or you can change the data in memory before going throught encryption routine.
  12. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    If client ping server then the client will know latency. And if client need to tell how much is latency than this can be changed. If server pings client then it cannot be changed.
  13. silent_srb

    OC server is beyond a joke !

    You are a racist! And xenophob!
  14. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    Also I believe report system is now completely useless because of growing paranoia. People are aware there is enormous amount of cheaters and every better player probably has multiple flags of being a cheater. And cheaters themselfs are probably flagging other players just to make more noise in the system. As a computer programmer I can guarantee you this is the fight Bluehole cannot win. Look at the cracking community for example, where is much more time and money invested fighting them, without much of success...
  15. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    My thoughts also.