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    Please explain where and why!!!

    Last alive, but finish second. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/usmc-fox32/video/54607449 I haven't experienced this bug since January-February so my guess is that it has resurfaced in some of the latest patches. Has anyone else had this happen to them recently or have I just been lucky in not experiencing it?
  2. USMC-Fox32

    In depth stat tracker

    Definitely the coolest one I have ever seen. I was hoping that they added this as an ingame feature, but yours is a perfect substitute. Great job
  3. Do you have a video of this happening?
  4. USMC-Fox32

    Hackers on xbox

    It is entirely possible that the building did not render for them. Before I hooked up my SSD I was able to shoot through buildings all the time. If he was hacking, he would not have gone upstairs in the first place, he would've killed you where he killed your teammate. (Hinting at the building rendering to where he could not see you anymore)
  5. USMC-Fox32

    "Big Patch" - Weapon Balance

    This is the xbox forum. We'll get that patch in about a year so feel free to post about it then.
  6. Bodies love to bounce repeatedly after dying. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/usmc-fox32/video/48757949
  7. USMC-Fox32

    Dragonov/Model Bump

    The VSS is a 9mm rifle, not a full on sniper rifle like a Dagonov. The VSS is actually one of the best guns in the game, as I will gladly pick it up over any sub, or sniper because of how suppressed it is and effective at long range it is. The fact that you can apply a cheek pad, go full auto without making a noise is incredibly powerful. I am all for more weapons, but the VSS is probably the most underrated weapons in the game. Longest kill currently is with the VSS at 699m.