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    Level Based Servers

    Everyone on a game, got a similar skill because of skill based ranking. The 100 players, not just your team
  2. Shamooooon

    Someone wearing clothes no available on xbox

    I got the red checkered shirt in the first month, so yes it's available.
  3. Shamooooon

    Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    Why would you go to loot military when you know the loot is coming to you on the bridge ?
  4. Shamooooon


    Exactly, last bullet does not count as he was knocked down. It's the rule
  5. Shamooooon

    Improve how to switch between scopes

    But this lack of fluidity can be compensate by a better position in the inventory. I think it could really improve the gameplay. Finding a cover is ok, but it's just how you adapt to this problem, not a solution to it.
  6. Shamooooon

    Improve how to switch between scopes

    I agree with that, but how many things are not realistic in this game ? And look at the way pc players play the game, it's all about switching scopes. Why can't we do that ?
  7. Switching between scopes can be difficult during a fight because of the time it takes. It would be quicker if the scopes were in the first inventory slots, above the medkits.
  8. I think scopes should be in the first inventory slot, above the medkit. It would be a lot quicker to swap between scopes and don't need a lot of changes for the devs. As there is a shortcut on d-pad to choose the heal and use it, there is no need to have health items first in the inventory.