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  1. B Ilg11

    stats Resetting?

    I mean career stats are fine but it’s nice for me to see improvements from season to season but I would be fine with the last 50-60 style too. I’m used to halo style rankings and was a fan of the seasons they ran on the last game. Though I find my self in this game not looking at how high I am ranked but more on the k/d factor. Mine was absolutely terrible from the first two months I played it. I’ve just now started getting better at reacting to the battle situations presented in front of me.
  2. B Ilg11

    stats Resetting?

    I am hoping for a 2.5-3 month type stat reset. I feel like every month is a little excessive.
  3. It sucks because it stops right here for some reason I don’t know if you barely moved or touched x just didn’t fully complete the first aid. Shitty. I’ve been there but mine was me being to antsy
  4. B Ilg11

    Kar98 damage question

    He has spoken
  5. B Ilg11

    Got a SSD

    Very understandable I have an ssd Love it but I get the pricing issue but it’s not just for this game it enhances every game you run on it. I got mine because I wanted a one x but just can’t swing it till Black Friday deal(hopefully)
  6. B Ilg11


    Speak for yourself.
  7. B Ilg11

    Stupidest game mode ideas?

    If you limited the map to just military it would be amazing
  8. B Ilg11

    Winning Animation Improvement?

    Maybe a few seconds to pop some rounds off in celebration or chuck a few grenades but I’m standing up yelling when I win
  9. This and I sometimes spot things like loot that they may have missed or give them updates on time for the circle if they are looting a a players box but I’ve really tried to cut back on critiquing play
  10. I play on a Xbox1s and I didn’t have any of the issues they did over the weekend on the test server. I was able to always land on a roof and suffered from none of those rendering issues. The FPS drops I suffered from were only noticeable in hacienda.
  11. I would much rather have this than emotes
  12. B Ilg11

    Aiming in vehicles

    You mean driving in a Jeep at 80 mph holding a tommy gun out the window wouldn’t be an accurate shot? I’m appalled
  13. B Ilg11

    PUBG News Report

    Will the 5 o’clock broadcast give us a time when this game will be out of preview. I will stay tuned
  14. Honestly that is one of the coolest clips I have seen. They should have stopped the game and given you the dinner.
  15. These two back back. I’m good at chocking the chickenhttp://xboxdvr.com/gamer/b-ilg11/video/48215456 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/b-ilg11/video/48242509 Move posted this before. Prior to hoping on the motor cycle I knocked two people in their squad to buy some time http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/b-ilg11/video/48653121