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  1. GodSlayer69s

    Connection Timeout

    Cannot load a match at all today all my other games online works fine so it's not my internet running xbox one x with wired connection
  2. GodSlayer69s

    Lost connection to host

    It's definitely obnoxious
  3. GodSlayer69s

    Lost connection to host

    No I am glad besides the rendering issues they have always fixed things they said they were working on.
  4. GodSlayer69s

    Lost connection to host

    They posted that after we made these posts so glad they are working on it
  5. GodSlayer69s

    Lost connection to host

    Me as well
  6. GodSlayer69s

    Lost connection to host

    I dont doubt it but hoping if theres enough posts they will do something about it
  7. So since the update keep getting: Lost connection to host, lost connection to xbox live, and, Host closed connection.
  8. GodSlayer69s

    Yall lied

    US OR DOES location change that
  9. GodSlayer69s

    Yall lied

    Swear to God it said 10 bucks for the pass and they are charging 14.95 WTF!!!!!!
  10. GodSlayer69s

    1.0 download size?

    Not letting me update anything
  11. GodSlayer69s

    1.0 maint. Schedule

    Same question lol would hate being stuck solo for 16 hours
  12. GodSlayer69s

    Paying for Sanhok??

    I'm throwing this out there but it sure sounded like they are going to make us pay to play on Sanhok when they were talking about event passes... With G-Coin, you will be able to directly buy cosmetics such as skin sets and parachute skins, as well as other items such as: - Event Pass: Sanhok - Skin sets made up of items that can be obtained from crates - Skin sets that can be unlocked from Event Pass: Sanhok - Skin sets exclusive to G-Coin Anyone know for sure cuz thatll be the day.
  13. GodSlayer69s

    Dynamic weather.. top marks bluehole

    Love the sunset on mirimar used it to win keeping the sun behind me and in the enemies faces.
  14. GodSlayer69s

    No Dynamic Weather?

    It's there had a rainstorm and fog on erangel
  15. GodSlayer69s

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Maintenance for the 2 million people trying to play and overloading that poor server