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  1. New here also to the Game

    Welcome to the community
  2. Closed beta tester joins to forums

    Welcome back Been playing since Jan/Feb myself
  3. Hi, New to the forums, but not new to pubg ;)

    Welcome to the community Feel free to share any future content here: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/23-community-content/
  4. PUBG Controls for Xbox

    Basic Controls Aim Controls Driving Controls For a more in depth look at the control scheme please use this link: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2017/12/10/xbox-control-scheme-playerunknowns-battlegrounds/
  5. What button am I not pressing?

    Here is a list of the controls for Xbox: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2017/12/10/xbox-control-scheme-playerunknowns-battlegrounds/
  6. Upgrading from an RX 480 to 1080 worth it?

    I actually started off playing PUBG with an RX 480 8GB, couple months back got a GTX 1080, OC @ 2.1GHz, the game does run quite a bit better, I'd say about a 40/45fps improvement overall for me. On the test server I currently avg about 100 fps at 1440p on High/Ultra settings. Turning down settings didn't seem to provide any extra fps (at least on my system) If you have the spare money I'd say go for a GTX 1080, especially if you are looking to play other games at 1440p as well.
  7. Game is crashing

    Hello, can you please follow this format, will help in getting a general idea of what might be causing your issue. Also please try the troubleshooting steps listed with this link as well. Thank you
  8. Nickname & BP After 1.0 release.

    BP will not be reset upon V1.0 release.
  9. PC Freezes - EVGA 1060 6GB SC

    Hello @Akitake would you be able to give debug mode a try via the Nvidia control panel? It will revert your card to Nvidia stock clocks and not the manufacture's clock speed.
  10. PUBG Shuts down my PC

    There are a lot of synthetic benchmarks that exist if you want to push your system to it's limit, to see if it is the PSU throwing a fit. IntelBurnTest is one that Intel actually uses internally for their CPU's, an something like Furmark or Uniengine Valley for the GPU would work. Let me know if running debug mode fixes your issue thou.
  11. PUBG Shuts down my PC

    @Mecovy If you have ruled out it not being the power supply and/or drivers causing the issue, have you tried turning on Debug mode via the Nvidia Control panel and running the game for a bit? It will run the card at Nvidia recommended clock speeds (the cards stock clocks and voltage), it might be that the stock OC for the card is a bit to much, and while it's not being triggered from other games, all games/programs are different and create different loads on hardware and it may be that PUBG is causing the card to be pushed a tad to hard which may be causing the issue. If it is the cause then you can either leave the card running debug mode, or simply down clock the card a little bit via MSI afterburner.
  12. My setup and 30-70fps

    Hey, an AMD Radeon 7800 is roughly the minimum requirement for the game. I would recommend getting a GPU upgrade.
  13. How much hours have you spend in PUBG?

    105 Hours in Closed Beta. 803 Hours since EA release. 44 Hours in Test.
  14. 1300 hours and a chicken dinner with 0 kills

    Welcome to the forums and 0 kill chicken dinners are always fantastic!
  15. Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, we cannot help you if you do not follow the bug reporting format for threads which includes posting your system information. Please reply to this thread with the format in the thread below. Hopefully we can find a fix for you as soon as possible!