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  1. TerroRCorE82

    PUBG Stats and Widgets for iOS

    I can't ad "space" in my gamertag?
  2. TerroRCorE82

    Analog movement (bug?)

    now it runs soooo nice!!!!!
  3. TerroRCorE82


    wlooooot? its much to small..... would be nice if they give is a small range like every other ego shooter got it
  4. TerroRCorE82

    MORE FPS Xbox One X

    maybe because we want to help with the development of this game absolutely consciously and have no problem with it for this game also a little money investieren ?! even if it is often a bit annoying ..... but ok ... it's like it is! Because ...... Surprise: we bought a BETA and maybe because many of us get fucked over years or decades by microsoft again and again? hardware and software ... business model ..... do we behave towards customers? sure. is the beta code causes a lot of problems for the hardware also.... but do you really want to tell me, everything wouldn't run much better if this 3 years old hardware system (only a tweaked hardware @ 1X) if MS do his job better years ago? when did MS ever bring a fully mature and perfectly functioning product onto the market and not advertise it as saving the world and healing aids ... and in real life it has always made trouble and has only become established because of it the competition just made worse?!?! ok without Windows7 ultimate .... one in 18 years since I know microsoft.... Or battlefield?! Bugs from BF3, again in BF4 and AGAIN in BF1? give this guys a chance...... they doing fine and they don't lie at us like the big boys in business..... why MS don't give us Win7 ultimate back in a xbox edition?!
  5. TerroRCorE82

    PUBG Stats and Widgets for iOS

    thank you! everyone is waitin for xbx stats on mobile for so long :-) I will check it later.
  6. TerroRCorE82

    MORE FPS Xbox One X

    hmmmm love the last update... I only got frame drops at firefights with more then 5-6 firing players around me.... or at high speed car rides longer then 30 seconds. -----> and I don't get a external ssd. only internal harddrive with 60% free space.
  7. TerroRCorE82

    Best headset for PUBG

    My Turtlebeach Elite Pro with Tac Controller don't feels like a real dolby surround headset....... but after 4 months I think the system is the problem... nothing works really god on xbox... the elite pro is much to expensive. get a mid class pc/xbox 5.1headset... 12 years ago with my 80€ 5.1 headset on pc performs 50% better then this 270€ turtleback bull***t. this was the third... and for sure the lasst turtle beach..... theres really not much difference to the hyperx cloud2 with virtual dolby 7.1 ^^ and yes..... I also already paid for the dolby atmos headset app (without you can't get real dolby output)
  8. TerroRCorE82

    PUBG para Mac OSX

    Você pode instalar o Windows com a ajuda do "Apple Bootcamp". Eu aconselho, mas com pouco macbook pro para jogar desde windows (como sempre) o hardware totalmente carregado e um novo macbbok pro com hardware forte é muito quente! melhor com grande Macintosh. versões digitais do Windows (você precisa ganhar 8 ou 10) já estão disponíveis por 5-10 euros na Amazon tradução do google :-)
  9. TerroRCorE82

    Slow down blue towards end of match

    almost every one of my friends and randoms I talked with, is annoyed by the high damage/less time at the last circles of course, the high pressure to loot fast & get inside the zone quickly is an essential part of the game and absolutely needed.... it is supposed to be only a small part of the players in the last zones left. those who have acquired a certain skill with a lot of playtime and the necessary luck ... Right now, most of the rounds are rather frustrating! the offensive players are more and more forced to camp, which negates a balanced mix of defensive and offensive player types. nice firefights are less possible after zone 4 hits, because there is a fast bad blue ring in the head of every player near the blue zone it sucks if 40%+ of your deaths are through hiding players wich just waiting for easy kills without get hurt... in the rare cases where you catch the hidden enemy at the wrong edge of the zone (also round about 40%), the blue zone kills you before or while using Meds, because the zone runs to fast or hits to hard to try running... and only the smallest part of deaths are very clear: you act stupid... you waste time.... you aim bad... = things you can change by your self! in the end, the blue ring is your biggest enemy... because he forces a lot of players to change the tactic (to much) or or he himself comes and rapes your ass..... after a gunfight.... after a 5 min run over the half island because all vehicles are gone.... seconds before you hit the save edge of the zone.... this kills the motivation to play... with 20 days Playtime I think I'm not only a crying noob... I think 🤣) sooo pleaseeeee.... think about....
  10. TerroRCorE82

    Fix the damn game

    Miramar works worse every day on my One X?!?! The last version on PTS runs so fucking GOOD! now I got crashes in at least 1 of 3 games.... yesterday noon in 2 from 3.......... PLEASE GIVE US A MAP SELEcTION until Miramar is so #####
  11. TerroRCorE82

    Stop making the game worse please.

    why Miramar runs from day to day much more worse? Sevverproblems?????