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  1. KombatWombat

    Backpack & helmet skins

    Skins on anything you pick up randomly in the game just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Fair enough you can have a customised canopy and choose your clothes but having pick up-able stuff looking different to different players is just bastardising that idea to the point of stupidity. The standout for this game is its realism. And then they sully it with this shit just to create another revenue stream. Sad!!
  2. KombatWombat


    Hey nice low key brag about all your dinners. Next time just save us all the bother and post a thread titled “Me and my 400 dinners”. .... just kidding. Congrats on all those dinners. Makes my 10 or so seem a bit lame..
  3. I was “invading” NA servers because waiting 5 or 10 minutes for a game in OC with only 30 players was tedious. Getting into a new game fast is critical in a game as brutal as this - there is no point dropping hot if one mistake or bit of bad luck means you’re going to be staring at a matchmaking screen for 10 minutes. Anyway, I’ve since quit altogether because neither endless matchmaking nor shit ping are worth the hassle.
  4. KombatWombat


    The issue I have is in Oceana/Asia at peak time it takes several minutes to get a game and the games often only have 34 players in them. Dont think striking will help that much...
  5. KombatWombat

    How many times do I have to die...

    I once got in a firefight in one of the blocks of apartments only to find at some point in the previous minute or so, instead of pressing X to pick up some ammo for my Uzi, I had accidentally swapped my Uzi for a shotgun, which of course I hadn’t loaded because I was completely oblivious to having picked it up. Needless to say I died right away.
  6. KombatWombat

    Hello? Is there anybody out there?

    But then crap like this happens (not my shocking potatoe aim, the teleporting dude) https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/down-underpants/video/60773011
  7. Oceana / Asia servers. 3pm on a Saturday arvo in Sydney. Taking 5 to 10 minutes to get a solo game. And then there’s only 30 or so dropping. WTF?
  8. KombatWombat

    I was worried

    I didn’t know PUBG had been around that long.
  9. KombatWombat

    Lost coins :(

    I had to kill and restart the game before my stuff showed up.
  10. KombatWombat

    Microsoft say we lose sanhok

    I’d be pretty happy if they took Sanhok away, I’m sick of it already.
  11. Me too. I’ve always been a bit of a potatoe but in the last week or so I’m losing pretty much every gunfight I get into. It is very, very dispiriting...
  12. KombatWombat

    Audible cues

    Clever dickie!
  13. KombatWombat

    Audible cues

    Studies have shown a sound works better if we are already busy with other visual tasks. if you’re not convinced, try this challenge:
  14. KombatWombat

    Audible cues

    It would be nice if the circle messages were accompanied by a beep of some kind. It’s too easy to not see the message if you are busy doing stuff.
  15. KombatWombat

    Public Opinion Sanhok???

    I have had 20ish goes and I mostly don’t like it so far. But I didn’t like the last map much to start with and now it’s my favourite, so i’ll stick at it.