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  1. Daniel2118


    Will do, thanks 👍🏻
  2. Daniel2118


    I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t played it for a while honestly and am starting to get back into it. Just noticed today, so that means all stats were SUPPOSED to reset?
  3. Daniel2118


    Ok so I don’t know what happened to all my wins but I had 20+ and now it’s saying I have 0. Can anyone help me?
  4. Daniel2118


    Alright so I’m a dedicated player and have been since the beginning. I play this game every day and I assumed Miramar would be better than Erangel, well I was wrong. First game of the day I get Miramar and I drop, the game never loaded in for a minuite or 2 as I’m sitting here bouncing around on the ground where a building is supposed to be. Pubg will lose players if you don’t fix the problems it has.
  5. Daniel2118

    PUBG Mobile Review.

    Lol no wonder why the first 3 games I played I won and always got 12+ kills
  6. Daniel2118

    nade blast area

    I think as you were jumping down he moved to look at you and the gernade bounced off the wall towards where you ran
  7. Daniel2118

    Pubg official mobile

    Where? It not on the App Store for me?
  8. Daniel2118

    Stop playing squads if....

    And I always take that into consideration, if they wanna go somewhere that’s where I go too.
  9. Daniel2118

    This game leaves me speechless.

    Wow that guy is extremely lucky 🍀
  10. Daniel2118

    Stop playing squads if....

    I myself have never had a mic but I can always make movements with my body to show them guns or something. Of course sometimes if I’m playing duo and the person finds out I don’t have a mic they’ll just leave and I’m like seriously? I’ve won 9 times without a mic, at this point I don’t think it would be very useful.
  11. Daniel2118

    FPP v TPP ?

    I prefer TPP only because it allows me to see more. Instead of being limited to what I can see I like to have a little more sight. I’ve tried FPP and I got 0 wins, on TPP I have 9 wins total. 🍗
  12. Daniel2118

    Please, FIX FPS on Xbox X

    I did not know this. But yeah graphic settings would be really nice. Hopefully becomes a new feature soon.
  13. Daniel2118

    Please, FIX FPS on Xbox X

    I did this awhile ago and it really helped my FPS. Hope it helps you too!
  14. Daniel2118

    New Digital Foundry Video on PUBG

    Oh come on a bit of a stretch isn’t it. I’m glad we can have these discussions instead of getting in heated arguments as some do on the forums. Thanks for being cooperative. 👍🏻