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  1. Lagging out!!!!!

    I know exactly what you mean just 2 nights ago I was playing a duo and I was running one way my team mate was going another way to find a vehicle and I lagged out while in the first blue circle and I had a scar and a kar98 with an 8x and right when I lagged out my team mate found a vehicle so we would of made it to the circle with ease then the game after that he was driving us and he lagged out and I couldn’t jump out at full speed so I went for a crazy ride just for the car to fly off a cliff and blow up .... I love the game but the crashing needs to be fixed more than anything else in my opinion right now
  2. Lagging out!!!!!

    I can’t stand when I have good loot and bam get lagged out THIS IS A MUST FIX ISSUE!!!
  3. Bars on windows

    I didnt know thats why they did that and if that’s the case then it makes sense
  4. Bars on windows

    Who else agrees with me that bars shouldn’t be on windows ? It makes it ridiculously hard to throw grenades in or out! Also when your on a 2nd or 3rd floor and you need a quick escape route you can’t just jump out anymore!