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  1. stolic

    Theater/Replay Mode for Xbox?

    yeah why are more people crying about proximity chat than this ? this is would allow for some amazing content in xbox.
  2. stolic

    Weather is Game changing Fun!!!

    well the weather has an effect on the sound as well as the visuals in game so it’s understandable if some think it’s game changing.
  3. Not my pic but i came across this today. Is this on xbox ? and if so how are people getting access to this menu?
  4. Let's not forget, the rendering this past update on the PTS is a step backwards from the last update we had on live servers. At least for me it is. I hope this doesn't get ignored too because that would really do it for me.
  5. I don’t think that people realize...it’s just weird that this bug has been called out numerous times on PC since JUNE. And they just replied saying they’ll look into it on Thursday. & Yes i understand Pc and Xbox dev teams are different, but the simple fact is this could’ve been avoided if there was better communication between the devs and the community. All in all it isnt too serious imo since it will guaranteed be fixed before the update gets pushed to live.
  6. stolic

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Pretty game breaking bug tbh but basically anytime you ADS your general sensitivity will become slower after you release the ADS. To fix you you have to soft aim and it will return to normal, but this isn’t acceptable because it has a very negative effect of cqc combat and almost makes it unplayable.
  7. I’m not sure why this occurs by after a while of playing pubg , your in game voice chat becomes disabled and you can’t speak to your teammates unless you force quit the game.  I would love to see this get more attention because it has a hindrance on the some of the core gameplay which is communication. And i don’t want to have to invite people to a party every single time i que up with them. It’s annoying. 
  8. Seems like we’re getting a ton of stuff in the next update. Mostly what everyone thought would be there should be in there and more. Sucks we cant test over the weekend but hopefully by early next week we get more info. one thing i hope isn’t broken is the limb penetration other than that i’m hyped for dynamic weather. Shit should kick up some interesting fights.
  9. stolic

    PTS This Weekend

    If it’s dynamic weather i wonder if they’ll be updating erangel with the extra buildings and stuff on the military island. Im excited 😆 & maybe death cams will get tested too even though with the new spectator camera i don’t really care for it anymore.
  10. stolic

    Does anyone move in this game?

    I’m pretty avg at this game and one thing I will say is that i am one of the ones who HATE ppl who just hold an angle for 8 mins and don’t move their analog stick for NOTHING. But it what i will say is that camping SOMETIMES is necessary in this game, especially in tha late circle. You gotta realize camping is a strat too man, positioning will 8/10 always help you get that better placement in rank and ultimately a better chance at catching a win, sure you could hot drop and run around and catch the first wave of kills but usually during the mid game the action always dies down and that’s when most people are just trying to get in a good spot in the next circle without dying. Shit even watching the pubg “pros” play i see that camping sometimes is the best play for that W. Yesterday i had a game where i was just playing agg as fuck and ended up losing to the last guy because i didn’t give myself time to loot anyone i killed since i was playing so agg and taking everyone on. So yeah sometimes taking it slow sucks but in terms of playing for the win it can come in clutch sometimes.
  11. i recently did the same thing a few patches ago & haven’t been let down ever since. I only lowered mine to about 60 but it’s definitely helped my aim a lot.
  12. i can only imagine how shit war mode on xbox will be.
  13. i play NA all the time but, what couldve been the case is that i was playing random duos and my partner was probably oor which probably made the game match us with other oor players. But prior to this moment happening in game i experienced no lag.
  14. yeah i want Oreo himself to give me the whats up on what gun he was using because its OP asf.
  15. Disclaimer: Before I see all the "uR bAd"and "gIt gUd" comments i would just like to say that I am trying my hardest okay gosh. No but seriously, this is insane. Ive never witnessed this in PUBG, so PLEASE for the love of Pochinki! Tell me how this makes any sense ? http://xboxclips.com/Bystolic/0634ff0c-c19a-49d7-aac4-3d28315ccb78/embed