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  1. stolic

    War mode is live!!!

    just got into the same type of game. I was so confused till i looked at the player count in the corner.
  2. stolic

    Proximity Game Chat

    dayz on xbox also has proximity chat.
  3. stolic

    pubg mobile

    just saw a pubg mobile ad on mtv lol. Just thought that was funny as i never seen a pubg ad on tv before.
  4. Is soooooooo fun. That is all.
  5. stolic

    FPS Complainers.

    i love how people say, “you’re complaining”. When this is a product we paid for and have seen better performance in previous updates. No one is complaining, they are stating the obvious and would like that to be acknowledged. Now personally for me, i haven’t had any real issue besides one crash, and the frame rate dropping while i’m parachuting on sanhok. I played miramar once since this update and the rendering was atrocious. This isn’t what the general consumer expects to get out a Full Product Release. That’s my whole point.
  6. Major frame drops in the parachuting stage of the match as well.
  7. stolic

    1.0 is a joke.

    hell yeah lmfao. no excuses fam. Full Product Release.
  8. Okay so it’s been MONTHS since my game crashed and apparently it’s happening again. Clapping it up for you pubg corp, you guys really know how to drop the ball. smh.
  9. stolic


    really? fpp solo?
  10. stolic


    it was great man no major fps drops at all in my cqc combat and in the last circle. Although one of the guys i killed i think got badly de synced but other than that it runs smooth.
  11. stolic

    Sanhok runs like a dream.

    dude i won my first game on. It’s amazing.
  12. Got my first sanhok chicken dinner on my first game. 1.0 feeling good baby.
  13. stolic

    can't spend G coin

    did you try again ?
  14. stolic

    can't spend G coin

    Yeah i can buy all other g coin crates except the parachute skin for some reason.