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  1. YoureNotMe23

    Hotfix only worsened things

    Trust me when i say this guys. These issues are NEVER EVER going to truly be fixed. So please stop saying this "Its still not a full game yet thats why it's still acting up the way it does." Stupid people who say and believe this bullshit to me is like watching a youtube video of a mofo fan crying over their favorite celebrity getting destroyed by reality of the truth and the fan sees it as "bullying". 😂😂 Like wtf has this era come too? 😂😂 Its like you all are feeding into their bullshit. Are you all not tired of the hypocracy of this bullshit yet? Granted Youll never see me praise trashnite over this game but I truly have lost faith in this game and the so called devs too. We wont even discuss about the quote unquote "pros" of pubg because to me those "actors/characters" are jokes. 😂😂 If I had to call out certain people and expose them for being frauds it would piss off far too many and Im naturally not for pointing fingers because that alone in general is immature and petty af. Lastly, all these "hot fixes" just seem like a newer way to trash your current xbox so xbox can profit off of you having to go get a new xbox based on the fact that they know youll do it just to play a game that supposively isnt out of its so called developmental stage yet.....yet you made it marketable for purchase just to make money. Yet its not a get rich money scheme? What kind of idiots do they think we are? 😂😂 Thats why after all these "hot fixes" Ive come to the realization that Im done being weazeled into GRMS (Get Rich Money Schemes). If this is their new weird way of giving people viruses just to keep their business a float. Theyre about to be out of business soon. Best part is, I wont even have to do anything because people will eventually put one and one together themselves. So 😂👏👏 way to look like undead labs with all your fake promises of getting the job done bluehole! Also, I do expect to be banned for being honest about this hypocrisy. So if yall dont see me anymore. Get out now while yall still can! ✌
  2. It's that easy to trick you? 😂 Do you ever feel like reality is just another Matrix waiting to be exposed as well? 🤔 (Blonde Moments: When you finally notice the sarcasm, its already too late) 😂 😂😂😂😂😂This dude is h8te the fuck up😂😂😂😂😂Again kid, you clearly love to be a hypocrite (google the definition so you clearly understand why i use it so much against you uneducated moron) and troll the forums that much is noted and made it pretty obvious hence why you always have quarrels with lightz91 and me (as of late, sad to say). So normally I wouldnt waste my time on a bully who lives to troll people but If you really want to take it to the next level of ridiculousness I will until the admins slap my hand and call me a bad man for verbally assaulting you. Also, Chapped my ass? (My ass is dry? Youd know this how again? Youre admitting to being something you are not allowed to speak of? Really now? 😂) Were you trying to say "clapped my cheeks"? Last time I checked that was how you young idiots phrased it. My younger brother tries to use that line on me when he thinks hes better than me. 😂 Ahhh the joys of being older. 😂 Like I said before though little lady I never have an issue with you rambling on about your opinion. What I will always have an issue with though is you talking down to someone over them venting/stating their opinion. Also, never forget that just because you are opinionated yourself still doesnt give you the right to harrass or talk down to someone just because they share different views than you. So with that being said and with the upmost respect to your idiocracy way of handling situations like the one your currently in with me right now. Im going to do what you cant stop doing and remind you that just because youre in a forum with a bunch of dudes and possibly some females here and there doesnt mean its ok to jump from dick to dick. Its not healthy for ya especially when you throw your anger around like a bitch on her period. So do us all a favor and just take your "L", cry in a corner, suck on your thumb, and grow up. Lastly Ms.Pms, if you truly didnt care like you claim you wouldn't feel the need to respond back because truthfully winners dont need to waste their time on Losers like you. That being said, this the last thing im going to say to your one track ignorant minded ass because truthfully I already knew i won before you even read my first paragraph and purposely skipped the rest. How do I know? Your entire focus was on the fact of how "I am right and you are wrong" instead of it being about the entire statement. Pretty sad to be honest but overall hilarious coming from your end. I mean even verbally slaughtering you is fun but it doesnt get me the same high youre clearly on when you aim towards me with your bad shooting accuracy. 😂😂 Oh and I never stated i dont play in mirmar i just dont like it due to what i said previously. However its no surprise that you only selectively read what you deem to be "important" 😂😂 The only time youll see me in mirmar is when youre face down and your box is out. ✌😂
  3. Lets get the facts made known right now since youre clearly dillusional and tripping over your own stupidity. Ok? Fact: 1. Regardless if you, lightz91, me, or etc....likes or dislikes how address your opinion that doesnt nore should it ever give you the right to further follow up with "Hit a nerve?!" Like as if your whole intention was aimed to be a personal attack. If that's your intention is to bully someone over how they address themselves and you dont know how to handle the situation respectfully then why the fuck are you even speaking up to begin with? 2. We all have our own voice and our own mind. If you dont like something that was stated then speak how you feel about it and move along. Just because you dont agree with what is said doesnt mean it gives you the right to continue on further bitching about it like as if you lost your right as woman to speak up. 3. Nothing irrates me more then seeing someone making opinions into ignorant personal attacks at someone else. No one here came to bully anyone else. So take a step back and realize your wrongs. 4. Re-stating something I already said and saying "You dont have to like my response" only gives me credability and a good laugh based on how your obliviously neglect to read let alone comprehend what was prior stated. So in reality your only focused on your own ignorance. Your entire means of existence is merely to seem supreme to someone you find to be inferior to you. So cut the bullying out! The game isn't finished? NEWS FLASH: Last time I checked when a game is marketable with a price verses being free like trashnite. It means it should be finished without any bullshit extra excuses to feed the customers. As much as it kills me to give credability to trashnite for doing their marketing correctly, sadly they did. If something is still going through a quote un-quote "beta phase" then their Public Test Server should have been put out before releasing their game with a price. However because no one cares about throwing away their money due to always wanting to "play the hot new game" youll still be dumb enough to buy it just because its the hot new game. The fact that you still buy into this monoply scheme thats laid out before you and continue to tell others based on your own brainwashed way of thinking that it isnt done yet is fucked in general. A game that takes over or about a year to fully be where it should have been from even being released is like listening to society bitching about all our different presidents from any years about their good and bad qualities. Either get a clue and some common sense to match it or stop talking like youre a hypocrite to your own bitching when you stated "When someone tries to talk for the entire forum based on their own opinion, it irrates me" (Psst....pssst....youre not everyones voice either newb so stop talking down to lightz91 like youre everyones savior, please re-educate yourself back to my previous statement above on Fact #2). Get off of Bungies Mandingo. Please dont ever try explaining simplistic shit about players and games to football ever again. You failed miserably. Heres where you done fucked up: The Patriots make the playoffs consecutively every year regardless of people like you who talk down about how they play or make it to the playoffs. Cleveland who? You bringing up a team that barely win games and compare them to Brady and the pats. Sit your non-knowing sports ass down boy. If you were going to do a comparison you could have used me (right) verses you (left/wrong). Everything I say is right and everything you say is wrong because you left your brain else where when you spoke to me out of character and context. Get it? Knowing you I probably doubt it. 😑
  4. Your opinion which is fine. Spoken like a true Hypocritical Ignorant Internet Bully with a one track mind. 😂 Dude just stop, youre doing to much over a statement of a topic that really isnt supposed to be taken this far. Yet, here you are trying to look superior to someone that has the right to speak their mind just like you do. Your aim at this point is overwhelmingly annoying by now after your 1st comment/statement and your random insult following after that. It looks like you were being a bully, Im just surprised no one cares to address your blantent disregard for letting people speak their mind even if you dont share the same idea. In closing, Miramar to me is dreadfully aweful. Sure Ive read everyones points even if they are not like my opinion and that is alright with me we all have our own set reasons why we like or dont like certain things. However, I just dont prefer Miramar mainly because the map is based around NEEDING: - A scope - Any AR or SR Sure some of you will argue that you could use an UMP with a scope but again if you dont have at least 1 or both of those. Youre not going to last long. Especially when most of you use nothing but OP Kar98's like you cant pick any other weapon because most of you know how OP it is. I do agree Miramar has a bigger looting selection, but calling it better for looting? nah brah nahhh! I just want you to be honest with yourselves for a second. How often do you find more close quarters weapons verses long ranged weapons? You know its super hard to find long range weapons on there unless you get uber lucky with your first couple looting spots. Don't lie. Lol. You know it's true. As far as Close Quaters Combat goes...yeeeah that doesnt really exist much on Miramar unless its final circles or you run into someone or a squad noobish enough not to be paying attention to you running up on them. This is just my opinion regardless if yall agree with it or not. Later! ✌
  5. YoureNotMe23

    50 vs 50 mode plz

    Advice: Use emojis then when you joke. Common sense my dude. Texting can always be mis-understood especially when we both dont know each other on a personal bases. ✌
  6. YoureNotMe23

    We want proxi chat and death cam on XBOX

    Exactly! I agree with eveything you said about proxy chat. I hope they never impliment this idea as a good suggestion because its like promoting ignorance and everything they dont want to happen here at forums and the company as a whole being a hypocrite by saying its ok to do so with the game in itself but not cool for the forums. Like wth?! 😂 If they allow this idea to happen then the admins at the forums should feel insulted and outraged at the hypocracy. Just sayin......
  7. YoureNotMe23

    50 vs 50 mode plz

    If youre worried about your K/D go play COD or Halo. It would be I agree. However, they could easily take out friendly fire completely off so childish acts dont get committed. As far as 50 vs 50 goes (the topic at hand)...... Well said. Also to add to that "This is NOT Halo!" 50vs50 is like red vs blue. If you did this you might as well add AIs in the mix too just like trash-nite did. "Claim" and pretend/act like its still not a gimmick game when it truthfully is.
  8. YoureNotMe23

    Mute Character sounds

    I just wish they would mute "your own" feet steps but not for the enemy/opposing player.
  9. I love how you are allowed to talk down to someone but if anyone else does it, its considered wrong. 😂😂😂😂 Gotta love hypocracy! Oh and that name alone doesnt give you automatic credability to be rude either pal. However im sure they will allow the bias comments from you to still fly.
  10. YoureNotMe23

    Game crash: Megathread

    Hi all, We're aware of some issues with your game crashing so I've made this megathread to collate the current threads. If you are posting that you're having this issue can you please let us know the following information: Which Xbox console are you using? When does the crash occur? (On launching the game, whilst matchmaking, whilst in the game, other (please specify)) What happens when you crash? Is there an error code, does it kick you to the dashboard, or do you go back to the main menu? Message added by PUBG_RoboDanjal 1. Xbox one (not the s1 or etc..) 2. During the match. Most of the time while driving or being in a vehicle, however sometimes also on foot as well. 3. I get kicked back/Crashed to dashboard and forced to reload PubG. Note: Your constant 4 to 5GB updates for the consoles is ridiculous especially when the main issue still hasnt been fixed. Forget all the minor things like wall glitches and etc....The biggest issue ever is the crashings!
  11. YoureNotMe23

    Xbox Live Fatal Error

    Is this because of the servers being down? Or something else? When I tried to log back in, it wouldnt let me. Does anyone know how this happens if its not because of the servers being down? Also before this happened i was experiencing bad network lagg before that. So rightfully im assuming its because of the servers but im just looking for another opinion. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
  12. YoureNotMe23

    Button Layout/Configurations

    Everytime someone complains about the fact that you have to double tap the left trigger in order to zoom in and the layout gets changed just slightly enough. It literally infuriates me because i dont want to try to zoom the f*** in if im just trying to use my reticles only verses having to scope in. F*** that noise. If you could just make it so the zoom in was the left bumper instead of the left trigger that would be amazing. That would be more helpful verses dying from trying to use my reticles and i end up zooming in when i dont want too. If anything is annoying its that right there.
  13. YoureNotMe23

    Map Load Killing

    I know to some or maybe many this may seem tedious to complain about but im getting tired of the map not fully loading on me by the time my parachute disappears and someone already has a gun to kill me.