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    Tencent Gaming Buddy PC PUBG Mobile PC emulator

    I have to say that I played Duos with my son yesterday. I was on PC with emulator and he was on mobile, so either I was playing with mobile gamers or he was playing with emulator players. We got 2nd place...Damn!
  2. Not to mention that we get portions of the map that just aren't fit for the events..Having a AK mutant in a desert landscape is like having a Kar98 indoors...
  3. TriggerPT

    Easy way for any langauge of programming

  4. TriggerPT

    The more BR games i play ....

    Tried this weekend the Kitchen Royale and the new The Culling...besides all other already mentioned... PUBG has the best ambiance of them all, adrenaline levels to another...level.. I only would say that when the circle starts to move we should have some loud audio clue, giving the feeling of closure and adding atmosfere.
  5. TriggerPT

    Slow in initializing

    Not when loading...
  6. TriggerPT

    So this is Dsync hey?

    more like 3secs.... ouch
  7. TriggerPT

    Test Server - Wrong Version

    Client updated, but specific server not updated yet
  8. TriggerPT

    Update 21

    The mares have spoken
  9. TriggerPT

    PUBG Map

    Try this one...looks like to have a better resolution. https://www.pubgmap.com/map/erangel#2.73.-322.0
  10. TriggerPT

    PUBG Map

  11. Technically steam is stored on a hard drive and might have information on the RAM, but is not stored on the CPU...
  12. TriggerPT

    Am i missing something ?

    Settings -> Graphics -> Interaction Target Highlight = Off.
  13. TriggerPT

    Graphics Glitch?

    It's algaes
  14. TriggerPT

    Concurrent sound limit?

    I would say that Rev0verDrive can answer that. Also curious.