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    Stop letting emulater players play with mobile players

    I play PUBG mobile with emulator as since patch #22 was released the PC version became almost unplayable. I had the same doubt and I think you are only joined with emulator players if you create a team in lobby and play with friends on mobile. It happens when I play with my son. If it does happen as you state, then Tencent is not respecting their words:
  2. TriggerPT

    h1z1 skins are less obnoxious

    Do you know why? Do you know Bluehole's biggest market? the one that likes pink M24's? This is targeted, skin out, money in. EU and US are peanuts compared, and we are the ones who want the thactical stuff and...not the green wigs...
  3. TriggerPT

    Mousewheel Settings

    Exactly, it's a UI setting, needs to be coded in the application either set in stone or via a menu option.
  4. TriggerPT

    Mousewheel Settings

    It's not hard to code: IF scope is zoomed THEN mouse-wheel up/down zooms in/out ELSE mouse-wheel up/down switches weapon
  5. I know where you going as I too been playing a lot of PUBG Mobile on PC.(emulator) If the said feature is to be optional, I see no harm to be implemented as it is functional and practical. I use it on mobile, it's flexible and allows you to chose what you want to auto pick up (meds, boosts, whatever) But you would never get the PC community to go behind you on this, never... They are "purists" and any suggestions coming from the "lesser" and "inferior" mobile version just won't cut it on PC. I know nobody asked, but if I'm a PC player (400h/450h o PUBG PC) what am I doing "playing" with mobile? - Get a match under 5secs - Lobby time around 10/20 secs - Games starts and I see all parachutes - I see all the weapons on landing - Don't have desync - No teleporting - Guns work the same - Have more game modes choice - Can chose map at will, - The game doesn't crash or lag, and!........ I have the same feeling that PC Pubg delivers (if worked correctly)... My 2 cents...
  6. TriggerPT

    Tencent Gaming Buddy PC PUBG Mobile PC emulator

    The message was improved, got my answer. (tough on the kid)
  7. TriggerPT


    First of all Reinstall the game. 1. Restart Steam. This simple action allows your computer to fix many issues, and it’s extremely useful after you’ve installed the latest OS updates. 2. Verify the integrity of the game on Steam: Go to steam > right click PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Click the Local Files tab > select Verify Integrity of Game Files. 3. Make sure your Windows OS is up to date: Go to the Start Menu > type Settings Select Update & Security > Check for Updates Install the available updates > restart your computer. 4. Make sure that all of your drivers are updated, both for your GPU and any other hardware you are using. You can download the latest NVIDIA or AMD drivers from the links below: NVIDIA driver updates AMD driver updates 5. Run Steam as an Admin. This can also help fix the “Steam Initialization Failure” error. Simply go to C:Program Files (x86)Steam > right click on Steam.exe and select Run as Administrator. 6. Run PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as an Admin. Go to C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonBattlegroundsTslGameBinariesWin64 > select TsLGame.exe > right click it > run as Admin. 7. Disable Windows Defender. 8. Disable Windows Firewall and any other third-party antivirus solutions: Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall Use the options available on the left hand panel to either turn the Firewall off or allow an exception for the game. 9. Update/Reinstall Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. You can download the tool from Microsoft’s support page. 10. Install the latest update for Universal C Runtime in Windows . 11. Scan your system using a registry cleaner. If you don’t have one installed on your computer, check out this list of the best registry cleaners for Windows 10. 12. Set the launch options to -noborder . 13. Place PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on the same hard drive as your Windows OS. 14. For improving the performance of the game. You can try installing a game in an SSD(Solid state drive), as its much faster than a normal hard disk drive.
  8. TriggerPT


    Translation: Good afternoon, Just bought this game on Steam and I have the following problem: Every 10 minutes I get an error that stops my game. Really don't know what to do. The error is on the image. Can I get a prompt solution please? this game wasn't free
  9. TriggerPT

    Why do people...

    Anxiety, frustration, fear, adrenaline and reward (last one not as many times I wished for...)
  10. TriggerPT

    Tencent Gaming Buddy PC PUBG Mobile PC emulator

    Yes, we were playing duos, so we were playing the same players for sure, but when I start the emulator I have the message "Emulator detected, you will play only with emulator players". Now the big question is.. when we both started duo game, were we joined with emulator players ? or did we played with mobile players.? We might be playing the same version [mobile] but if I'm on PC with mouse/keyboard that's a big disadvantage against touch mobile.
  11. TriggerPT

    Tencent Gaming Buddy PC PUBG Mobile PC emulator

    I have to say that I played Duos with my son yesterday. I was on PC with emulator and he was on mobile, so either I was playing with mobile gamers or he was playing with emulator players. We got 2nd place...Damn!
  12. Not to mention that we get portions of the map that just aren't fit for the events..Having a AK mutant in a desert landscape is like having a Kar98 indoors...
  13. TriggerPT

    Easy way for any langauge of programming

  14. TriggerPT

    The more BR games i play ....

    Tried this weekend the Kitchen Royale and the new The Culling...besides all other already mentioned... PUBG has the best ambiance of them all, adrenaline levels to another...level.. I only would say that when the circle starts to move we should have some loud audio clue, giving the feeling of closure and adding atmosfere.
  15. TriggerPT

    Slow in initializing

    Not when loading...