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    PUBG LOGIC= Does nothing about cheats or teamkillers, but bans those who report them lol
  2. and theres me thinking im doing good at 132
  3. If it was as easy to spot them in the grass in sanhok do you really think thee would be so many people saying the same ?
  4. Said by a true "camper" Lol
  5. Apply Within Grass cutter required no experiance required, job to keep sanhok grass to a minumum level to stop campers sitting in it all day long.

    Sanhok Woes

    Yes its a shame because ill work for a 6+ kill and to have it all wasted from a cheap kill :(..........comon campers work for it lol

    Sanhok Woes

    on the ones ive spectated they have all stayed in the grass until the zone come , then they get in the zone again and guess what .......

    Sanhok Woes

    i love sanhok map but the major flaw is that its all too easy for the "Camping type" to lay in the grass completely undetected and get a cheap kill.

    Well Done, but a couple of points

    Arrrrggghhhh please dont tell me i spoke to soon tonight is particularly bad connection loss for me and my squad and desync please please sort

    Very Bad Audio Detection

    HI Pal are the A50 worth the money seriously considering getting some top level earphones but unsure which

    Achievement chime

    yep same here (new pair of pants please bluehole )
  12. id thought id hang off before giving my 2pence worth on the 1.0 release, well im a few days in and overall a big well done to the devs i can only really see a few issues that still haunt us (my personal opinion only of course) the main ones are still the lack of region lock and the desync it can bring with it, the QBZ waaaayyyyy overpowered (i love it but understand how it can infurate peeps) and lastly the "lost connection to the Host error" but all in all well done Blue hole

    PAID Content Thoughts

    lol yes lets not spend real money on something not real............like a video game
  14. thanks for the heads up
  15. Now paid content is available im wondering what you would like to see arrive in the PUBG store in regards to clothing weapon skins etc???? Personally id love to see more camo option gear, rare drop items that may give a very slight advantage on the battlefield like part gillie suits (helmet camo "shrubbery") as i think getting a full ghillie on permenant basic would be unfair. i understand there wil be those very against the paid content but hey ho its here so just wondering if anyone had given any thoughts to it?