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  1. So I feel this has to be brought to the developers' attention ASAP. I like playing squad with randoms. I like it when they are 3 doing their own thing and I can solo but still have the support of 3 people taking shots. (I mainly solo but like squad solo:P) So I played 4 games last night and I got killed by teammates in 2 of those games. In the one they didn't respond to me asking where they were landing and placed no marker so I jumped at my own spot. I looted up, about 430 x 5.56 rounds and traveled to meet up with them by 4 door car with intention of giving them a ride and supplying them with some 5.56 ammo. I get there and drop 2 stacks of 100 x 5.56 rounds and a SMG suppressor(I just picked it up though I had no use for it.) Of course they took all of it as they landed in a stupid area and one guy only had a shotgun...very under-looted. Next moment, BOOM. Dead...no words, no nothing, just killed by my squad mate. Other game 2 of the 3 that partied up with me as the last random died. So that guy just drove up to me where I was camping the bridge and shot me, the drove into the ocean and left. So basically how I feel about it now, since nothing has been done about this or been implemented to stop/prevent it, is pretty angry. Both times I had great loot and I was looking forward to taking on squads by myself or with the remaining guy. All in all, make it that team damage is reflected and kills the aggressor. Or implement a method of punishment. I honestly felt like joining squads and wiping them out for no reason, but that'd require the use of the contents found in a tissue after blowing my nose to get to those fucks' mental capacity level. Please, its game-breaking.
  2. M416 or scar?

    Statistically M416 is all around the better gun, even without or with the same attachments. The nice thing about the M416 is the rate of fire, though I see many of the people commenting "SCAR-L!" are single shot only guys which is fine. If you single shot only, well you can pick any of the ARs, the best would probably be the AKM with a compensator, if you do like/use auto well then M416...the ROF difference is very noticeable and gives it a reduced time-to-kill. But nothing wrong with the SCAR-L, PUBG is anyways more about positioning and with good positioning you can kill an enemy carrying an AWM with a crossbow Head to head, M416 is better, stats wise.
  3. "Land school, yolo." PUBG equivalent to "Rush B, cyka!."
  4. Developers ...

    "Game breaking"; "unplayable", lel...you are clearly one of the fortunate ones that missed the DayZ SA hype/love train... This game is like a more stable than than a sumo wrestler sitting on his arse when you consider other early access games that have been in that state for MULTIPLE YEARS.
  5. Yeah...the problem would come if people do that in the competitive modes...that would be cancerous. Make it a permanently bannable offence. With the replay system where it will show us each players path during the game it should be pretty easy to point out cases of teaming. It would still be very difficult to make the ban decision since some people follow nonchalant players till its the right moment to kill them, though this would be very apparent in the reviews. If they are good players, teaming can still exist...even with the routes/paths/replays. Very difficult phenomenon to tackle.
  6. So much wrong

    Naw you're right, but it really does depend. This graph isn't accurate though. I have personally seen a friend get head shotted with an AWM and he survived wearing the level 3 helmet. So somewhere these stats are skewed or the damage calculation works in some weird way since the distance wasn't even that far, like ~120m.
  7. Is there any way of contacting any mods?

    is this even possible, any links to staff/mods/admins mentioning this?
  8. Interactive Map

    Thanks OP! I see your point, but it was kind of useful if you use it to measure all the ranges of places you usually set up at for future use. Other than that not really...the circles are random and things never really go according to plan. Might come in handy when the game releases for modding and new mods are developed of capturing a point/base type of conquest where the objective(circle) remains the same.
  9. Terrible at this game - is it my mouse?

    Everything Phyne said and: So what I would add to that since you say you lose fights versus easy targets is....lower your DPI/sens. This is a very important part of precise aiming. If you have ever played CS:GO(which heavily relies on your aiming skills) you will know that slower mouse speeds = better better aiming. The cool thing about this game is that you can change specific sensitivities @ ingame options, so you can be running full sens while in 3rd person and free-looking/running so that you can turn/change direction, look around you fast/quickly. Then you can set your aiming/scopes sensitivity lower. As @Phyne said, get that large mouse pad, you will be requiring that for these lower sensitivities. If you still fail to kill these people...well give it time. Spend more time in the game so that the stress of engagements are less prominent. This was the first battle-royal/survival of the fittest game my one friend played and I could see him physically gaining tension when he was about to engage, even admitted that his heart would starting pounding at full speed. After a couple of hours he got used to the stress and the consequences of dying which improved his game-play tremendously.
  10. Sorry to say but that won't really work. The island is there so that you don't have to sit static in one place, its like their little casual community area where you can interact and show off your achievements(gear/cosmetics). I agree that it must be put to an end, has gotten me killed in about 3 games which is less than the amount of times I've been KO as I jump of the aircraft(literally within a second of jumping out). What they can do in the meantime is make it clear that teaming won't be tolerated and that it will result in a permanent ban.
  11. Why do i allways get the ragers...

    Theses "ooooh my VOIP was switched off FIRST" posts always flood in on any kind of VOIP interaction discussion...rather keep that to yourself and comment on the interaction. OP, you wrecked this guy his argument was really weak and you had him at "I'm going to get further than you are.", gg mic drop, next time please start trolling past this point, tell him you're full HP and none of the hits registered, make his blood boil!
  12. 8GB TO 16GB OF RAM?

    Same does not really go for DDR4 DDR4 comes in at 2400MHz(Well thats the lowest speed they sell here), if you clock that down to 1600MHz you'll see about a 10% drop in minimum FPS which is not "very little". Not that anyone will do that, just saying it kinda does matter with DDR4. DDR3...naw...I'd still say go and buy a 2x8GB kit and be done with it. You can really even buy it second hand since its DDR3 and lots of people are upgrading to DDR4 dropping them at good prices(+Lifetime warranty). With win10, Steam, 2 Chrome tabs, TS, GPU-z, HWiNFO, running alongside PUBG will max out 8GB...did on mine and with 16GB now its much better and I can actually Alt+Tab without the game bombing.
  13. Post your FPS results here!

    Well mine seems to be fixed now. All I did was remove all the launch options and change some settings to higher graphics. Everything @ Very Low Texture: High View Distance: High AA: Ultra Averaging 63 now but lowest it dips is 50 which is MUCH better than the cancerous power-point shit I had to endure. Conclusion: When you increase the graphics you increase the load on the GPU, then you lessen load on the CPU as the GPU becomes the bottleneck which is right, it should never be the other way as that causes stuttering. Now the weird thing is the CPU never exceeded 70% usage during play so the fact that this removed the stuttering is a mystery in itself. It should not have had this result thus dum dum dum The stuttering is due to the games code/optimization in this patch as it was not present in the previous. (some experience it, others don't, so those that experience it must have some hardware which don't suit the new patch, I hope the next patch fixes this)
  14. FPS Problems after Patch

    Note: the spike in CPU usage is dude to opening task manager, CPU usage never passes 75%.
  15. Dropping frames every time

    Its not really general help since its a bug that came with the patch, never experienced this pre-patch so its something that got bugged/broken with the latest version.