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  1. Clan Support & Integration

    guys, thank you very much for support of my idea. developers saw my theme and will take it into account. It maybe for us to appear chance to do emblems for the command, and together we will do a game the best. Thank you once again for support. with kind regards DANILICH. To meeting on a battle royale.
  2. Clan Support & Integration

    I just submitted an idea, I really liked it. For clarity took the example of BF4. I really like the idea of uniting team players and designating them. Emblems may be available after consideration by the administration. The main idea. Have a nice day, everyone. I'm glad that you also like. I'm a player who wants to improve the game with everyone. Thanks to everyone.
  3. Привет всем. Прошу поддержать мою тему. суть такова - я любитель серии БФ и мне очень понравилось что можно создавать свои нашивки, которые видны. которые видны всем. это очень хорошо для 2+ игроков, так же для соло. создать свою уникальную эмблему и выделить свою команду. - вот тема на англ (на форуме) не кидайте камнями, делал наглядно и в пэйнте)) надеюсь Вам понравиться эта идея - как и мне тыць
  4. Clan Support & Integration

    made in paint)))
  5. good afternoon. Yesterday saw a new parachute and a good idea. (The idea is not mine - it's taken from BF4) basically 2+ players play in the game. Let's make the emblem. It can be made by any player from different elements. This emblem is displayed on a parachute, on the car door, on the sleeve of the player. Everyone loves customize. When the player is killed, the emblem will be shown who killed him. Players will join their clans / teams - cool. and make battle/clan TAG [DIE] DANILICH