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  1. Soutie

    More money... for outfits

    And 70 years down the line that book is still FANTASTIC value. 50p for around 10 hours to read a book, 5p an hour for great entertainment (I assume it was a good read cause you read it more than once) so on the high end, around 5p an hour.... amazing value. Congratulations, great buy bud.
  2. Soutie

    More money... for outfits

    Pubg cost $30 hours played around 200 net cost 15c per hour Thats they only math that is worth anything to me. Could care less how much the company has made or is worth cause 15c an hour for entertainment (and getting better value the more I play) is damn near free. They could yank the game tomorrow and I would still have more then my money worth.
  3. Soutie


    I like the idea of variable whether, only when the game is stable but we can dream I would take it a step further though, the ONLY saving grace of the red zone is to muffle footsteps and noises when trying to storm a building or sneak up on someone, thunder may be able to take over the work of the bombs in the red zone by muffling or hiding sounds during a tunderstorm (Map wide even) and be able to do away with the zed zone all togehter as it is useless for anything else.