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  1. Atlanta

    Sounds genuine. I’m hopeful

    Same, wish they would've dropped it early this week. I'm not missing RDR2 release for this patch.
  2. I have OG XBOX + SSD 240 GB and my game runs great.
  3. Atlanta

    Woo hoo! I got a shirt boys!

    Yup, it's dope.
  4. Good god, all I see is crying in here.
  5. Atlanta

    War mode

    15 minutes
  6. Atlanta

    Unable to connect

    They just announced on Twitter downtime will be for another hour starting now.
  7. Atlanta

    Pioneer Shirt

    I was wondering the same...
  8. Atlanta


    I seen on reddit, it's a known issue and are looking into it.
  9. No problem, thanks for the update.
  10. Don't blame the game because you're bad at it, learn how to play games without aim assist .
  11. I'm a TPP player, I like it because I played a lot of TPP Games like RDR,MP3, GTA 4 and 5. There are good players in both TPP and FPP. To say people camp more in TPP I believe is untrue, Im good enough to play both but I think ppl camp more in FPP because you can't see them hiding in FPP. Some one said you can't rush houses in TPP which is false, I play aggressive, you just have to use the environment to your advantage and not run in a straight line like a lot of you bums do.
  12. Atlanta


    I've played like 4 hours straight, not a single crash. maybe you need a fresh install.