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  1. Atlanta

    feels way less smooth than last pts round

    I keep hitting these hard fps drops mid gunfight, shit is dumb
  2. Atlanta

    Test Server Crates

    How'd you get them?
  3. Atlanta


    Solos is gonna be boring, they better add at least duos
  4. Atlanta

    OK, IM WAITING......

    You seriously making another thread to blame Bluehole for your stupidity... I can't deal with you.
  5. Atlanta

    so umm, its 5.....wtf?

    ^Someone who's not an idiot.
  6. Atlanta

    XBOX Pubg PTS (test server) bug.

    How? might as well tell before it's fixed
  7. Lmao, you got smacked by a guy with lvl 1 gear at the end.. get good
  8. Go to xboxdvr. com and enter your gt, you'll be able to see your clips .
  9. Atlanta


    ^Can't be serious....
  10. Hacking is impossible as of now, sounds like you just got destroyed...
  11. Atlanta

    new xbox maps?

  12. Atlanta

    Anyone else been trapped under water ?!

    Idk if you know, but if you hold the A button it'll bring you to the surface.