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  1. Those Hacks are not possible, only thing that can be done is radar hack ...
  2. Atlanta


    I've played like 4 hours straight, not a single crash. maybe you need a fresh install.
  3. That's what the "test server" is for.... to find issues so they can Fox before going to live...
  4. Atlanta

    Add mouse and keyboard sup

    How about just get good with controller, weirdo
  5. Buy rechargeable batteries
  6. They released a hotfix earlier for the ready up problem.....
  7. I've had this happen to me before, you can still ready up and stuff. It's not that big of an issue in my opinion, but I guess they should look into it.
  8. Atlanta

    Account sync

  9. Atlanta

    Rumor from an inside source

    I guess I'm the only person who has never thought I've been killed by MnK... You guys just need to work on your aim, it shouldn't take 40+ shots to kill anyone(other members words).
  10. Atlanta

    Golden track suit

    Yeah, idk how long though. The description of the items in the store says "for a limited time, purchase tracksuit".
  11. Atlanta

    Golden track suit

    Just search PUBG in the Xbox store and you'll see them.
  12. Atlanta


    Fps feels good, crashing is terrible, two times in one game.