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  1. Hi guys I’m getting error occurred and it’s not letting me joking games I’ve uninstalled and started again but nothing is working
  2. Destroyer2038

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    Yes but you can’t adjust the triggers like you can on the elite yeah it’s got fancy lights but you don’t look at those while playing plus it’s wired all the time just wasn’t for me I’m afraid
  3. Destroyer2038

    Razor wolverine anyone got it

    I brought it but took it back I thought it was awful prefer my elite over that found the mapping terrible compared to the elite
  4. Destroyer2038

    Matching failed try again later

    No first game get in in about 5secsonds
  5. Destroyer2038

    it is worse much, much worse

    Snap literally played one game since patch chicken dinner 11 kills every shot I did hit its targets couldn’t believe it it sure did feel smooth to me I play x with ssd monitor and 300Mbps and 50mbps wireless
  6. Destroyer2038

    One X users only

    First game on since patch got to say I got chicken dinner with 11 kills shots were actually hitting there targets game felt smooth will have to play more for sure to get better picture of update
  7. Destroyer2038

    Random Squads

    I’ve got. Mic and I play in a squad lol so grow up kid
  8. Destroyer2038

    Random Squads

    And it’s players like you is why I don’t play with randoms
  9. I actually downloaded the cod beta and fair to say it was uninstalled 1 game later came in top 20 but aim assist and laser guns just doesn’t do it for I’m afraid like a op posted if you can’t aim you will enjoy cod but it’s not for me pubg all the way
  10. Destroyer2038

    SSD hardrive?

    Does not help FPS but does help loading times and rendering only a few patches ago it worked brilliant on the x everything was loaded well before you hit the ground now it takes a few seconds before guns are loaded as the devs made a change to help the og and the s out
  11. Destroyer2038

    Event modes

    War Mode We are happy to announce that War Mode will be available on September 21! As previously stated, War Mode will only be available on select weekends in Event Mode.
  12. Destroyer2038

    Finally an interesting update!

    They are trying to sort the game out by taking out some things that we won’t miss to try and improve the game you should all get behind this game as I can’t see another beating it cod might be 60fps but it doesn’t feel right with auto aim laser guns inventory big no from me I’ll be here supporting this game as I enjoy it
  13. Destroyer2038


    Lmao grow up ok you’re the one here moaning like a little kid about problems that we all know exist and they have said they are looking to fix them sorry read the last part I own my own house btw kid and I’m in the uk not USA ??
  14. Destroyer2038

    What I Learned Playing w/ 3 OG Players

    Me too hopefully then it will stop the lagging and desync
  15. Destroyer2038

    What I Learned Playing w/ 3 OG Players

    I’m sure they are working on fixing it for us x owners andymh as already told me there working on a ping matchmaking system aswell