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  1. It's quite funny we have this problem with shots but not with nades. Btw that was really unfair @fUll951 and really great gameplay!! You just potatoe a lil bit at the beginning but it was a good battle (til the 'problem' with the shotty).
  2. eduhunter

    Aug needs recoil nerf

    Crates are very danger because you can have lots of players struggling for it. I guess its ok AUG be OP because it's worth the risk.
  3. eduhunter

    #make ARs good again

    M4 with 4~6x stills a beast from 200mt.
  4. eduhunter

    Current Xbox Game Preview PTS Build

    I only played one game in PTS because my team mates wanted to play in the Live Server and I liked what I see... really. Seems much more responsive, fluid, stable and really enjoyed what I see. Just got 2 problems: The brightness slider isn't working (I guess this was already informed by others users/players); In PTS I have a military boot and when you wear it using pants it hides and that should be the other side: boot would be on top of the pants.
  5. The OP is complaining about the death screen without popup confirmation to leave. If you die in the exactly moment you were crouching/laying on the field (and you were in solo OR the last one in your squad), because you have pressed B you will go directly to the screen menu because there's no popup confirmation you're leaving the match. I guess this is much worse in the solo mode because sometimes you wanna know how you died and puf, it's gone hahahha
  6. eduhunter

    No PTS Notes/details for this weekend?

    Well, it's better they delay it than release it with LOTS of problems.
  7. eduhunter

    why dont we have more audio options

    Mirado was an example but it fits very well for any vehicle.
  8. eduhunter

    Theory about PTS this weekend

    Well let's see and hope then. 😁
  9. eduhunter

    Theory about PTS this weekend

    I believe if it was something official, then it would be already announced, huh?
  10. eduhunter

    Theory about PTS this weekend

    Where did you guys see there will be a PTS weekend!?
  11. eduhunter

    why dont we have more audio options

    A level balancer for vehicles would be awesome. Nobody deserves the Mirado's engine sound when you're in a party-squad trying to develop the next strategy for the next circle.
  12. eduhunter

    14 Kill Chicken Dinner! (all kills)

    Very good vid!!
  13. The "Your Connection to xbox live has been lost" happens A LOT now. Whats going on BH????
  14. eduhunter

    Something wrong with player movement

    Ok, one new update since I was testing better yesterday: the analog movement bug happens all the way when suddenly moving to the left.