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  1. eduhunter

    (xbox)SA Servers are down

    The game is SOOOOO DIFFERENT!!!
  2. eduhunter

    (xbox)SA Servers are down

    It was awesome and the queue were really fast. Let's wait for the data they collected and hopefully we'll have our server here in SA! @Andymh5
  3. eduhunter

    More time for SA servers

    Maybe they had enough data to make it official. If thats the conclusion then extending test is unnecessary EDIT: It was such a JOY to play with so low ping!!!!
  4. eduhunter


    Even with the BO launch + PTS Server, the matchmaking were REALLY satisfatory!! Less then 2 minutes usually in squads mode. Didn't test solo or duo either. My opinion is: as I could realise our situation here in SA was MUCH BETTER than OC servers in all aspects (filling servers and general queue). Especially if you take in consideration we had 2 different events this weekend.
  5. eduhunter

    AUG needs a buff

    I search crates only because snipers. But since we have M24 in world respawn the AWM became a lil bit worthless.
  6. eduhunter


    uhuuuu!!! finally!!!!!
  7. eduhunter

    Funny videos

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/eduhunter30/video/59655447 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/eduhunter30/video/56875864 hahahahha
  8. eduhunter


    Hey Andy, you know something about maybe performance being 1080p 60fps and graphics 4k 30fps?
  9. eduhunter

    What are the devs doing?!

    On friday they play all day long so don't expect to get fixes tomorrow!
  10. At least for me placebo.
  11. eduhunter

    My New Found Love for Sniping

  12. Ohh really? Well.. damn you from EU playing in NA. We from SA have been playing in NA Servers since dec 2017, DON'T COMPLAIN!!!!!! Btw, NA players are so easy, I could achieve easily 6 chickens friday and saturday, only playing at night in these days. Bleh.
  13. The invisible char at the lobby happens sometimes but the "Lost Connection to Host" is the worst EVER omg.
  14. eduhunter


    @Takarii - Region you matchmaking in: NA - Region you were connecting from: SA (Brazil) - Maps selected: ALL - Solo, Duo or Squad? Squad - Console (OG or X): X - Wired or wireless: Wired