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  1. MANGUN88

    Final circle problem.

    Just happened to my duo partner and I.
  2. Everytime in mirimar. Erangel no.
  3. Patch 15 feedback after about 30 games... 1.) Crash frequency doesn't seem to have increased or decreased. Doesn't matter if I reset the game or not. It still happens every few games, sometimes even two times in a game. Problem never seems to improve. 2.) Mirimar's frames are horrible during most gunfights, especially late game. I will be shooting at someone and all of a sudden the screen will freeze a second then catch back up and I'm either dead or several feet off target. I have not had this issue on Erangel whatsoever. It' not my internet. 3.) Parachuting on both maps is very laggy as well as first few seconds of landing. 4.) Crates not resetting on Sundays like before. 5.) Game hub not updating stats still. 6.) Occasionally looting a downed enemy the loot menu will just stop instead of being able to keep scrolling down and I will have to exit and come back in. This has been ongoing for many patches but rarely happens.
  4. MANGUN88


    Why do we even have a new map already? The first one filled with all its little bugs hasn't even been resolved. The game still crashes after 6 months, cars still flip through the air and blow up on a blade of grass, etc.. You would think all that effort into a new map could've just been put towards something a little more important right now.
  5. MANGUN88

    Vehicles in Late Game

    Dont focus on the vehicles. They're not going to stop before the last few people or circles. Look for the remaining not in vehicles, kill them then you know exactly where the idiot's driving the cars are now and wwcd
  6. Please eventually add the blue blood setting instead of having to change languages. Thanks!
  7. MANGUN88

    In depth stat tracker

    API limit reached every time I've tried to use it.
  8. Bug Description:When bringing up your 8x scope within a building it causes a flash of bright white light in the room.Location:No particular location. Happened in several buildings.Evidence: No videos or photosReplication: Immediately apparentXbox One VersionS on Ssd
  9. MANGUN88


    It just seemed the test server was having issues as we were stuck in matchmaking alot. At one point almost 10 minutes. And I'm far from any shroud myself so I'm not trying to match with top 100 players lol
  10. MANGUN88


    Matchmaking is barely working now at least on duo. Can barely get into a game.
  11. MANGUN88

    Installing PUBG to External SSD on XBOX

    SSD makes a world of difference on both the original and the s.
  12. MANGUN88

    Air Crate

    Working today. Disregard
  13. MANGUN88

    Air Crate

    3 different crates had no red smoke
  14. MANGUN88

    Plane seating

    Not updating when people jump out.
  15. MANGUN88

    Network lag detected

    Same issue. Cannot make it past first circle