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  1. MANGUN88


    If mine didnt take 6 hours for 11gb I wouldn't worry about it lol
  2. MANGUN88


    Thanks I'll give it a shot. I have bad internet so updates literally take all day at 11g
  3. It's just the game at this point un time. I've been 1 tapped in the head with sks and died full health no damage to helmet. Work in progress I suppose.
  4. So, pretty much everyone I know have their xbox set to update games automatically but PUBG never does. Well, I've had it do it once actually. I have double checked the settings to make sure it is set properly, which it is, because all other games update when my xbox is off. So, I'm assuming this is something with the game itself? If anyone else is having this problem and found a solution I would appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  5. I'm picking up what your putting down lol. I agree. Its tiresome always double checking this.
  6. MANGUN88


    You're not the only one. Just rng
  7. Enemies crates disappearing before being able to loot
  8. MANGUN88

    Holding breath while under water

    You have a point about the gear. Probably couldn't in that case
  9. MANGUN88

    Holding breath while under water

    I would've been fine with the change if they would've done that.
  10. Why was this even changed? I smoke a pack a day and can hold my breath longer than that. I believe the average person is 30 seconds. Now as soon as I dive under and make it 10 feet I'm drowning!?
  11. MANGUN88

    Weekly or monthly leaderboards change

    Exactly! It's not that hard to make top 100. Minimum finish top 10 with some kills. You'll make the top 100 sooner or a later. My duo and I are currently under rank 50 on NA and were playing with controller.
  12. This has happened to me on more than once occasion. Completely to a 90 degree angle but cqc and die by a shotgun blast etc.
  13. 1 crash over probably 30 games compared to 1 every 3 games. Mirimar is almost back to where it was on the test server release which was as smooth as I ever saw it. Still a little bit of issues when multiple people in close proximity on mirimar with frame freeze for a second or two. Overall good job.
  14. Leaderboard left of name just says rank 369...Career top right corner just says rank. 171. Not taking win rating...just where it says rank
  15. Im talking rank only. My rank in career is 172 and on leaderboard is 369 so they are different...