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  1. MANGUN88


    PTS dahsboards everytime I try to start a match whether solo, duo or squad...S on ssd. Patch and hotfix were downloaded and xbox was restarted.
  2. MANGUN88

    Sounds like UMP has been nerf'd

    Anyone confirmed this yet?
  3. Played COD. PUBG not going to suffer because of them. It's two entirely different games, and PUBG wins hands down for realis. COD fans may go, but by felicia lol
  4. All I have to say is good job. I have 0 complaints.
  5. Lost connection to host still alive and well. Matchmaking still broke causing players to resart game mainly when going from a 3 man to adding a 4th. Rendering out past a couple hundred meters is playdough. Loot spawn on initial drop takes way too long for a game where every second matters. Motion blur has had no difference to me personally. Appreciate this was actually a small update instead of a who game download for once. When previewing crates going in order when you exit out of one it takes you back like two crates so you have to scroll all the way over again to preview the next.
  6. MANGUN88

    Boost item glitch

    Start moving before the timer is done or even starts for that matter. I've figured out how it's done now to wait on pubg to fix it.
  7. MANGUN88

    help, not criticism please

    As another stated. Unwanted attention by a 3rd party if inevitable sometimes, and if they're a good shot with a sniper game over, especially on solo. As far as the shooting, seems as though you were doing controlled bursts which is always a good choice at mid range but there was also metal railing in between you so how many shots actually hit I couldn't tell. As far as lead, play the 1 to 100 rule. For every 100 meters lead 1 character model ahead of your target. Not sure how long you've been playing but dont focus on wins. Focus on each and every gunfight and push players, tactfully of course. Drop hot. Dont waste 20 minutes avoiding fighting to die in the very first gunfight you get into. Get familiar with every gun, its lead, and what guns with what attachments work best for you. That's all I got. Hope it helps.
  8. Witnessed many streams now where they start to use a boost item (energy drink) while they're in the inventory screen, close out of inventory screen but not wait the allotted time and watch as their boost guage still fills up anyway. Not sure how it's done but it's being taking advantage of. Didnt see a topic on this yet. Needs fixed.
  9. I got knocked from falling after vaulting through a window in Paradise Resort seconds after landing 😂.
  10. Squad ready up after someone joins still broken causing players to restart game to ready up.
  11. MANGUN88

    Today’s 1.0 Maintenance

    EST should be 8pm today if I converted times correctly.
  12. MANGUN88

    PTS Request

    I would like to see PTS left open for 12 to 24 hours after an update is pushed to live servers. That way for those of us with slow internet we can still play PTS while updating the live server.
  13. MANGUN88

    Weapons switching to single fire

    Which also is complete bullshit lol have had this kill me a few times because I accidentally dropped a gun, picked it back up and never thought to switch it back to full auto. It should stay on whatever selected fire rate it was dropped with, just like attachments.
  14. MANGUN88

    Does anyone hot-drop anymore?

    I agree with the pochinki statement but pecado is almost always full of action.
  15. MANGUN88

    Does anyone hot-drop anymore?

    Pochinki and pecado all day long.!