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  1. Hey, I make a lot of YouTube videos for PUBG and I'd like to do a video of 10 weapons the community would like added. Lemme know what your opinions are if you wanna contribute your input and it'd be a fun thing to discuss. Thanks.
  2. FAQ

    Would it not be possible to just make night time like any other weather effect?
  3. FAQ

    @Suspicious Pixel Player Unknown stated in a developer stream back in March that he's open to the idea of night maps. Has this stance changed? I see in the FAQ that night maps seem to not be on the radar.
  4. First ever list I've made. I think I did alright (:
  5. System stole my win

    Wait.. I was in a duo's game and it got to the point where the circle didn't close anymore. It was as small as it could get, forcing us to fight for the game to end (we won btw). You mean the force field fully closed in? Maybe it's different in duo's.
  6. PUBG had a 67k peak today. It's been in the top 10 being played for almost all day as well. KOTK is the only game in recent memory that has seen 100k+ peaks consistently (besides Dota and CS:GO obviously. Also GTA V doesn't usually crest past the 100k mark, got close today). It seems KOTK broke through a barrier that very few games do. I'm hoping to see PUBG do the same, but I'm worried that its more arcade-style counterpart will remain king of BR, do to its ease to pick up and lack of thought process (hurr durr grab AR and play forza). I sincerely hope PUBG takes over the scene and breaks that barrier, but only time will tell. Thoughts?
  7. Comprehensive Controls List

    This is awesome. Learned a few new things.